5G Network Health Risks
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5G Network Health Risks, Issues Examined!

5G Network Health Risks & 5G Health issues are the topic. 5G network is out in the world now, but are they any severe health risks to your families or us?

5G Network Health Risks

After doing more research on the 5G Network health risks and 5G health issues, I decided I thought it was best to do a new meditation to help with severe symptoms that will happen once they are fully installed.

The 5G Network health risks are so scary and plus the fact I also found some scientific proof that says they are treating the “coronavirus” patients with radiation pneumonia treatments!

I found articles from science papers, saying that they are treating people with the coronavirus with the same things you would prescribe for the radiation poisoning of the lungs or they call it Radiation Pneumonia.
So they treating COVD-19 with chloroquine and Hydroxychlorquine. And they also swab the nose and now take blood. And you treat Radiation Pneumonia with Azathioprine and Cyclosprin. You also test for radiation exposer by swabbing the nose and blood only. You need both though. Cyclosporine is the same a Hydroxychloriquine And Azathioprine is the same as Chloroquine. They are treating and testing this corona virus the same way you test and treat Radiation Pneumonia. Sle lupus also gets radiation treatment medication to help treat lupus. So you treat lupus, malaria, the corona virus, RA the same way you treat Radiation Pneumonia


But even I’m getting a bit freaked out over 5G. The rapid rollout of this technology without any testing on the long-term health effects is immensely troubling. So it’s natural to be concerned. Very concerned.

Let me be as transparent as possible:

There is absolutely no scientific basis to claim that 5G is the cause of coronavirus.

I am just saying that the things that they are treating people with the same thing and not just for the virus!

But that’s the real point:

5G network is untested. And it is massively irresponsible to deploy it with knowing the 5G Network Health Risks, particularly on a wide-scale, absent such testing.

The first step to dealing with the vast number of challenges posed by 5G is learning what 5G is, what science can tell us about it, and what science can’t yet tell us about it, and that’s the subject of yesterdays post.

Why do we need 5G Then?

5G Network Health Risks & Issues Examined aside here, the reasons for it is due to greed and money and to allow Artificial intelligence a more significant part of being able to run companies and even cars! (AI) Artificial Intelligence will replace you, your need to rest, eat and sleep. They will use them to run the machines, and yes, that means no need for us at the bottom of the rat race of life.

You heard it mentioned before that they are already in smart meters, self-running cars and Bluetooth in everything, Alexa and all other home devices we connect through Bluetooth wireless networks have to evolve to meet increasing data demands. Wireless companies praise the need for the fifth-generation (5G) systems as the answer to solving all this.

The 5G Network health risks that come with installing it means 5G like I said the other day, it is an only short distance wave transmitted and more powerful and this means millions of these heat-generating devices are heating the Earth and US as humans and a race of people!

They will claim on the TV that 5G is safe, but then, if you knew five companies owned the media, and they told them what to say, you would know it is full of tripe like I do.

Even Donald Trump calls them fake, and no one listens!



There is proof he says it again and again. The wireless companies will tell you that you will get so much more speed and you will be able to do this and that to just sway your mind. And the wireless companies promise 5G will bring greater capacity, a higher density of users, faster download speeds, and more reliable connectivity than our current 4G networks.

I also said in the last post; the companies are planning to use existing infrastructure to install the new 5G devices. They’ll be mounted on things like utility poles and buildings in a tightly knit network to help keep the signal healthy and strong. These waves like I said yesterday start at 30GHZ and goes to 300 GHz.

A lot of these 5G receptors will be about the size of smoke detectors. That will make them less noticeable, therefore in your mind makes them seem like less of an intrusion to homeowners living nearby.


Why Is 5G a Cause for Concern with the 5G Network Health Risks?



This video is a “Vodaphone” whistleblower. He tells you everything that is going on now, even sharing how people get ill from the 5G towers and shares the 5G network health risks & Health Issues examined here that are unreal. People will probably say its fake, but why would he go into so much depth about it or put his life in danger if it was not valid.

I say listen and do your research as always, but it is food for thought, don’t you think?


WHO says ‘no adverse health effects’ or any 5G Network Health Risks


Despite the classification of RF-EMFs as possibly (carcinogenic) being cancerous to humans, other organizations have not come to the same conclusion.

The (IARC)  International Agency for Research on Cancer is part of the World Health Organization (WHO). Yet, the WHO is undertaking a separate “health risk assessment of [RF-EMFs], to be published as a monograph in the Environmental Health Criteria series.”

At present, the WHO state that “To date, no adverse health effects from the low level, long term exposure to radiofrequency or power frequency fields have been confirmed, but scientists are actively continuing to research this area.” Remember I said over 100 doctors and scientists say it is dangerous you can also read this here.


Why is Wuhan pulling them down if 5G network health risks are low?



This video isn’t in the news, and you know why it’s due to them not wanting us to know that its 5G was making everyone ILL. 5G will result in unprecedented exposure to a particular type of radiation.

All wireless technology functions by sending and receiving signals using electromagnetic radiation (or EMF).

5G Cell Towers, Devices & 5G Network Health Risks, you’ll realize that the leap to 5G means:


  • we will have more 5G connected devices
  • communicating with more and new forms of energy
  • to and from more 5G towers and small cell sites
  • closer to the ground


What damage is there on the 5G Network, What Health Risks is there?


Taken together, this means 5G will lead to an exponential increase in human exposures to EMF radiation at frequencies that have never been used in consumer applications before.

These exposures are not only unprecedented. They are also untested. There have been no surveys to indicate the levels of 5G EMF radiation to which people will be exposed.

5G is a type of EMF radiation. And other research has demonstrated that EMF is genotoxic, which means it can destroy your DNA.

And in 2018, the US National Toxicology Program released the results from a $30 million study finding “clear evidence” that exposure to cell phone radiation increased the incidence of cancer and genetic damage in mice.

Beyond cancer, multiple peer-reviewed scientific studies have also demonstrated that exposure to this type of radiation can result in a wide variety of conditions, including:


  • Nausea
  • Hair loss
  • Swelling
  • Low energy
  • Appetite loss
  • Bone marrow damage
  • Depression
  • Organs damage
  • Confusion
  • Incapacitation and death
  • Infections


Even if 5G radiation emissions fall within current safety limits (and, to be clear, there is strong evidence that new 5G exposures do not fall within these limits) does not mean that 5G is safe. Even though 5G is leading to increased exposures to higher energy forms of EMF radiation, there has been no change to the safety standards that govern the technology.

Like I said and always say the links are to the papers and proof, do your research, and then you can make your mind on the 5G network health risks. I created a meditation for you to help with the effects I just mentioned above it will be out in 2 weeks on all streaming sites, but for my readers, it is here two weeks early for you all.


Regeneration & DNA Repairing Meditation

Regeneration & DNA Repairing Meditation


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