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ABC News Admitted 5 Years Ago That Vaccines Contain Ingredients Derived From Aborted Babies

ABC news admitted five years ago that the vaccines we use did, in fact, contain Ingredients Derived From Aborted Babies.

ABC News

The cat is finally out of the bag five years ago ABC News said that childhood vaccines are loaded with toxic chemicals, including the cellular byproducts and derivatives of aborted human babies. But it took a lot of work to get to this point, and the mainstream media is still insistent that this horror is no big deal because vaccines “save lives.”

It was a little over five years ago when ABC News reluctantly admitted that childhood vaccines are, in fact, made using aborted human fetal tissue. But the fake news outlet cited certain religious leaders, including those within the Roman Catholic Church who see nothing wrong with abortion-fueled vaccines, as a manipulation tactic to sway the general public into also supporting the mass genocide of the unborn.

ABC News in fact said that an increasing number of parents object to childhood vaccination, ABC News pointed to a statement made by the National Catholic Bioethics Center that basically contends that getting vaccines made from aborted babies is just fine because not getting vaccinated supposedly harms more lives than those ended through abortion.

“We should always ask our physician whether the product he proposes for our use has a historical association with abortion,” the Center contends, noting, however, that “one is morally free to use the vaccine regardless of its historical association with abortion.”

“The reason is that the risk to public health, if one chooses not to vaccinate, outweighs the legitimate concern about the origins of the vaccine,” the Center went on to state at the time. “This is especially important for parents, who have a moral objection to protect the life and health of their children and those around them.”

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If ABC News said this, Do you really want unborn human fetuses injected into your body?

This position by the Catholic Church is particularly noteworthy now that we have the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to deal with, the reason being that vaccines containing aborted human fetal tissue are once again being pushed by authorities – even though these vaccines do not even yet exist – as the “final solution” to this crisis. Why has no one else other than ABC News said something and then after saying this ABC News then hid this away?

I think it might lead to another money trail that ABC News may or may not have gotten.

With talk of this Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines possibly being “mandatory,” meaning a government goon might try to arrest and imprison you for resisting, it is once again of critical pertinence that the general public knows what these vaccines, like most others, will more than likely contain once they are publicly released.

Besides the usual toxic adjuvants like mercury (thimerosal) and aluminium, Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines will almost certainly contain other added materials derived from aborted human babies, which would probably come as a surprise to millions of Americans who still have no idea how vaccines are made.

Relying on the opinion of some religious leader like the former Pope Benedict XVI, who stated in 2003 that “universal vaccination has resulted in a considerable fall in the incidence of congenital rubella, with a general incidence reduced to less than five cases per 100,000 live births, is unacceptable. Americans, and especially religious Americans, must do their due diligence in thinking through this issue on their own to determine the ethical and moral implications of injecting murdered unborn children into their bodies.

After all, it is your body, your choice, as the leftists love to say. Is it not your decision to make, and not the government’s, no matter the perceived threat from some trumped-up pandemic?

“Everyone should have the right to choose according to what they find ethical,” wrote one ABC News commenter at the time. “Some people don’t view the fetus as less than anyone else … If you don’t care, you don’t care. But let those who do have the right to know the truth.”

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