About us

Welcome to th3inn3rlight, a site help you with knowledge and understanding and to help you find your real purpose in life through a clearer mind and spirit.

We set up th3inn3rlight to help others through researching rife frequencies, binaural beats and isochronic tones. As we found in our research frequency changes matter and that means that if your frequency is set to a disease or illness there is a frequency that will cancel it.

Which means a healthier mind and spirit.

Over the years we have found that sharing things about the world and events has helped people gain a better understanding of the world we live in, so in 2020 we set a new goal not only to make the best meditation music you can find for your mind and spirit but also to give you real tips, advice and news that is not fake like most news is today.

We hope enjoy our music and find a better understanding of life and how live right now. We need to come together to be a better world lie and divide us!

If you find something that helps you on this site be, sure to share it with others on social media.