Bad Headache, 1 Shaped in the Past From Stress?

Do you get a bad headache from things that maybe are shaped from the past associated from maybe stress or worry?

Are You Still Shaped by Your Past?

Bad Headache


Everyone has had a bad headache past… literally.

If you have been on this earth for any length of time, you will have had a bad headache in the past.

Why do we get a bad headache then?


In some cases, headaches can result from a blow to the head or, rarely, a sign of a more serious medical problem. Stress. Emotional stress and depression as well as alcohol use, skipping meals, changes in sleep patterns, and taking too much medication. Other causes include neck or back strain due to poor posture.

This was taken from WebMD this is the basic term for it like it says, stress can cause it things like a bad end to personal relationships, occupations they engaged in, or traumatic events they experienced.

The importance of the past is that the events of our past shape us. They influence who we are today. This does not mean we dwell on this though it means we should use it as a guide on how we want future things to proceed.

A bad headache is, unfortunately, going to be part of life for most people. They usually just come out of nowhere and they come sometimes with vengeance. I went to look after I had been getting a bad headache mostly every day. 

Things I do to Help My Bad Headache!

I had been taking medication and my body started relying on it, so I had to look at ways to help me reduce it and this is how I did it.

  1. I used a meditation from YouTube, but after I learned to use the frequencies right I now made my own one, which is a pure tone one and it is below. Listen to this for 20 mins and your headache will be gone.
  2. Work on dealing with the things that give you a headache, start writing down when you get them so you can work on fixing the reasons why like I said stress is the main one for me when I worked on releasing the problems from my past my bad headache days were getting to less than none.

The odd bad headache is not much of a worry, but some have them a bad headache constantly they can disrupt your life. Bad headaches can make someone stop everything, and can even cost people jobs if they happen often enough. If you experience a lot of headaches that are severe, you should talk to your doctor for relief and also make sure nothing more serious is going on.

Some of the most common bad headache for people are migraines. You know you are having this if you feel sick to your stomach, light hurts your head even more, and even small sounds are unbearable.

One very common source of a bad headache is sinus trouble. Some people have problems with sinuses at certain times of the year, or even when the weather changes. These can come with a bad headache, or they can be mild headaches that go away within a few hours.

A bad headache can be warning signs of other things. One of the first symptoms of a stroke is a very bad headache that comes out of nowhere. If there is any type of blood clot, bleeding, or rupture in the brain, a sudden and severe headache comes about quickly.

Though strokes are usually for older folks, pregnant and postpartum women can have them, and so can those with other conditions like diabetes and/or a family history of stroke. Don’t hesitate, even if you are not sure. Each minute counts with a stroke.

My best advice for a Bad Headache “Be Water, My Friend”.

Bad Headache

Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist, once said, “Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water.  Put water into a cup, it becomes a cup. Put water into a teapot, it becomes a teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Bruce Lee understood the idea of not letting the past continue to shape your present and your future.  Past events are like containers. You might have formed yourself to them at one point in time, but you should be like water and not be permanently influenced by the shape of the container. The past had its purpose, its necessity. Find gratitude for the shape it provided at the time and move into your new position in life.

Be water, my friend.

Have a great weekend, I am off to play another round of Golf!

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