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Course Description

Take the Full Package Therapy Diploma Course and you’ll learn the concepts, theories, skills and practices used in counselling, CBT, Hypnosis, NLP combined together so you will get all these courses in one full package. You’ll find out what the role of a therapist involves, the skills needed to embody the position, how to be good at it and how to establish a strong bond with clients. You’ll explore grief and bereavement, stress, anxiety and depression, and how to help clients get through these difficult times. You’ll make life-changing differences.

The Full Package Therapy Diploma Course will help you begin your journey towards becoming a fully qualified therapist in all major human behavior courses. You will be introduced to the core concepts of therapy, what the role involves and the skills used in and the importance of active listening.

Further to this, the Full Package Therapy Diploma Course outlines the personal skills that make a good therapist. You will also learn important and essential theories on motivation and empathy that should be applied in therapy, to encourage success and further strengthen the counselor-client relationship.

As a therapist, you will work with people suffering from grief and bereavement. Through studying this course, you will learn to recognize and analyse the various ways in which people react to the loss of a loved one and how grief and the grieving person should be managed. You’ll explore the common stages of grief and gain an understanding of the symptoms of complicated grief reactions, which require a more in-depth level of therapy.

You’ll explore the process of recognizing negative thinking and turning it into positive thinking and how positive thinking can be used to restore self-esteem. You’ll also look at an interview excerpt between a therapist and a client with depression, which shows the use of a CBT approach and how this can aid the client.


You will receive 4 different Diplomas, NLP, Hypnosis, CBT & Counseling. Each part will take about 150 hours of studying and completing. Any Inner Light Course listed on this site that displays either the name CMA or the Logo next to the course description has been registered and approved by the CMA.

All Diplomas are issued by the Inner Light UK Ltd and SFTR – National UK Therapists Register. All of the Inner Light Diploma Awards carry the SFTR Accreditation and stamped Inner Light seal.

Learning Outcomes

  • If your job involves helping others (carer, teacher, pastoral worker, social worker, etc.), or if you simply want to be supportive to others, the Full Package Therapy Diploma Course will teach you techniques that will help you be more effective.
  • For those looking to pursue a career in this field, the course provides a preliminary understanding of the skills used in the practice of therapy, lays the foundations for further study and will improve your confidence along with your level of knowledge.

Course Content

Time: 52 weeks

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Full Package Therapy Diploma

Full Package Therapy Diploma

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