Level 3 Career Coaching Diploma

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This course is accredited by ACCPH at Level 3 and allows you to join as a professional member after graduation.

Career coaching involves identifying the best role for an individual and facilitating the transition into the new role. It focuses on career research and psychological theory along with in-depth knowledge about the job market and organizational processes.

A career coach aims to help people to understand the world of work and their own personal development. The coach takes into account factors outside of work which often influences happiness and effectiveness at work.

This Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma course is for those considering becoming a career coach, either being self-employed or who are committed to coaching within their working environment or organization.

This course incorporates definitions, standards, and models in career coaching as well as examining the core principles and concepts which enable the successful establishment of a client-coach collaborative and positive relationship. The course consists of seven modules, each carrying a tutor-marked assignment. A final online examination will complete the course for the student.

Level 3 Career Coaching Diploma Entry Requirements

All students must be 16 years of age and above to enroll in our Level 3 Career Coaching Diploma course.

Level 3 Diploma courses require minimum prior learning to GCSE standard in order that students can manage their studies and the assumed knowledge within course content.

Study Hours

Approximately 20 hours per unit.


Optional coursework and final examination.


Please note that you can enroll in this course at any time.

Course Length

1 Year.

Endorsed By

ABC Awards

Course Content

Time: 140 hours
  • Introduction  0/0

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  • Level 3 Career Coaching Diploma Unit 1: Beginnings: Life purpose  The first module introduces this wide ranging subject by examining the role that a career coach plays in the context of the specific needs of the client. In addition, life purpose, values and motivators will be explored in relation to core skills of evaluation and critical thinking. Throughout this module, students gain knowledge of the psychology of experience in order to contextualise the working environment, culture and experience. This unit will form a basis of knowledge on which subsequent modules are built. 0/0

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  • Level 3 Career Coaching Diploma Unit 2: Establishing the coaching relationship  This module considers essential features of ethical standards, together with the different coaching models and how these may be applied successfully with individual clients. Assessment, planning and implementation of the main coaching models are explained, together with core coaching competencies. 0/0

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  • Level 3 Career Coaching Diploma Unit 3: Levels of coaching  This module covers important elements of insight, intuition, listening, questioning, interpretation and feedback processes. Additionally, it considers the satisfactory completion of the coaching relationship. The principles and techniques for different situations, client needs and scenarios are examined, acknowledging the levels of coaching required. 0/0

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  • Level 3 Career Coaching Diploma Unit 4: Using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in career coaching  This module gives an overview of the main principles of NLP and its many practical applications to the processes involved in career coaching along with examples of its successful use. 0/0

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  • Level 3 Career Coaching Diploma Unit 5: The job search  Here, the student studies the areas of marketing plans, strategies and organisational skills that are all vital in order to lead to successful career coaching expereince. The processes of tactical searching and networking, together with curriculum vitae design and promotion will also be explained, as an introduction to the remaining modules. Definitive and relevant examples will be included. 0/0

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  • Level 3 Career Coaching Diploma Unit 6: Interviews and interview strategies  This module addresses the preparation of an individual for the interview process. Useful strategies will be explained in order to facilitate the most positive interview process. Skills include pre-interview preparation such as researching the target organisation. Interview techniques and the post interview follow up will be explained. The student is shown how to respond to and manage offers and rejections. 0/0

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  • Level 3 Career Coaching Diploma Unit 7: Bringing it all together  The concluding module explores the coaching models in detail, showing how they are used successfully within working environments. There is also a summary of essential information and relevant key concepts. Example worksheets are also included. 0/0

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  • Conclusion  This is about what happens next and the after-care you will get from this school from completing the course. 0/0

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£599.00 £399.00


This Level 3 Career Coaching Diploma course can be used to gain entry to a Level 4 Diploma or higher.