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COVFEFE Meaning – is Scalar Fields the Answer to 5G?

Today I will share why I think using it will stop 5G harming us and the COVFEFE meaning, which could save the planet and humans.

COVFEFE Meaning – What Is Scalar Field Theory?

The real theory behind the Covfefe meaning talk I feel is the scalar field theory that could change the damage 5G causes. That theory was started by a Scottish man named James Clerk Maxwell in the 18th century.

He was a mathematical genius and his work resulted in the development of quantum physics which later on caused Einstein’s Relativity discovery. Maxwell’s equations linked electricity and magnetism and he found other waves that were higher than the typical Hertzian electromagnetic waves. They are positioned at right angles coming off the electromagnetic wave and are omnidirectional, whereas normal Hertzian electromagnetic waves are only measurable with normal equipment and travel in a straight line.

They can also be controlled into different kinds of modes and frequencies.

When Maxwell died his work was interpreted by three specialists (consisting of Hertz) who set the structure for physics, and they decided any wave that exceeded what could be determined with an instrument of that time was “magical” for that reason useless.

According to Tom Bearden, standard physics (after that) as a discipline, consisted of twenty-two mistakes.

Nikola Tesla, (1856 or 1857-1943) a Yugoslavian genius, who ended up being a US citizen in 1891 carried on with Maxwell’s work. Tesla worked for Thomas Edison, who created direct current, while Tesla himself invented alternating current, however, the two men didn’t get along well and parted company.

Tesla launched laboratories on Long Island and in Colorado Springs and discovered how to harness scalar waves from one transmitter to another without using any wires. He got partial financial backing from JP Morgan, who owned the brand-new electricity projects, however, Morgan wasn’t interested in losing all his electricity organisation by enabling individuals to use the vacuum of pure energy (hyperspace) to get their own (what is now termed) ‘free-energy’ for no charge.

Tesla identified what he called ‘Radiant Energy’ or ‘Teleforce’ in 1889. It was found throughout experiments that Tesla did to duplicate what the German Heinrich Hertz had actually carried out in 1887, showing the presence of electromagnetic waves.

While copying Hertz’s experiments, Tesla experimented with violently abrupt direct current electrical discharges and discovered scalar energy, a new force, at the same time.

In 1904 Tesla announced he’d finished his work using scalar waves to transmit energy without wires however unfortunately when he attempted to get support for it, an obstacle kept occurring.

COVFEFE Meaning – Scalar Field Basic Definition

covfefe meaning

Let’s start with some basic COVFEFE meaning or definitions. A scalar field is a concept in physics and mathematics, in which a single worth is designated to every point in space. An example of this would be to describe the temperature level in space, where there would be a single limited number assigned to every point. The science behind these is called scalar field theory. Compare this to a vector field, in which every point in space has a vector, consisting of strength and a direction.

Gravity in space can be specified by a vector field, as can the electromagnetic field surrounding a magnet. Those ideas are genuine science.

This new form of scalar field theory takes it a step beyond genuine science, based upon the assumption that the scalar field has 4 or more dimensions, in which something they call scalar energy is likewise present at each point in space.

Scalar waves are the theoretical electromagnetic waves propagating along this field; although, unlike standard waves that propagate outside like ripples in a pond, scalar waves propagate through space longitudinally, like ocean waves breaking on a long straight beach.

These scalar waves, likewise called Tesla waves or Maxwellian waves, are said to be the components of zero-point energy. It needs to be stressed that this meaning of scalar field theory is not supported by experiment or by any real physics.

What is a Scalar Weapon?

scalar weapons

The governments took advantage of the work of this genius Tesla did to make weapons that could create damage to not just us but also the earth and even space.

The basic concept of a scalar weapon opposes 2 powerful scalar waves against each other, producing a hypothetical standing wave leading to what they call a scalar bubble between them. By controlling the strength and area of this scalar bubble in space, it is expected to superheat the target location (though it’s unclear why), even to the point of vaporizing the atmosphere itself. An enemy might theoretically enclose New York City within a giant scalar bubble, flashing it into oblivion.

For the sake of Nikola Tesla’s legitimate legacy, it is necessary to separate his name from the modern-day pseudoscience of scalar field theory. It holds true that Tesla did envision and explain superweapons capable of frying whole invading armies, but his principle was analogous to what we now call a directed energy weapon, generally a powerful particle beam.

He did not wander off into rubbish like scalar bubbles. Tesla did also claim to have completed a partial unified field theory that combined gravity with electromagnetism, which is something that scalar field theory also declares. Because of these similarities, Tesla’s name is often incorrectly related to scalar weapons and scalar field theory. In most cases, his name is straight-out hijacked by scalar weapon proponents and used to give their concepts the appearance of credibility.

The main countries are Russia, UK, USA, China, Brazil, Ukraine, France and Germany have been fighting wars with lasers through this technology since the 1930s.

Here some of the things that are being done with this energy:

  • Mind Reading, Mass Hypnotism And Synthetic Telepathy
  • Disease Induction
  • Disabling Satellites
  • In The Air
  • Weather Engineering
  • Earthquakes
  • Sea Attacks
  • Tesla Shields And Globes
  • Ground Attacks
  • Obliterating Individuals
  • Portable Scalar Bazookas
  • Radar Invisibility

We will discuss this more in another post, today I want to talk only on the Covfefe meaning that could help us rather than us having it as weapons.

COVFEFE Meaning and Connection to Scalar Fields

Vanadium(V) oxide

CO = #Cobalt,
V = #Vanadium,
Fe = #Iron.

So what is #CoVFeFe meaning, and what is the connection?

The COVFEFE meaning is three certain ingredients which are Cobalt (Co-49%) – Iron (Fe-49%)–Vanadium (V-2%) together make a soft magnetic alloy with the highest flux density of any strip core alloy, making it ideal for use in tape cores and magnetic cores in many innovative technologies. The magnets clean up the impurities from 5G working on an ionic level. This keeps oxygen from being depleted, making harmless, the high radio frequency radio waves (mmWave).

Other linear formula names for this COVFEFE meaning compounds are:

FeCoV, CoVFe, CoVFeFe, VCoFe, FeVCo

So, COVFeFe is an alloy of Cobalt, Vanadium & Iron which generates magnetic material that will help with numerous cutting-edge technological advances for our future including space travel. Magnetism is not taught, the way Nikola tried to inform us. If 5G could be damaging to our environment and all who reside in it, possibly CoVFeFe is the innovation being carried out to protect us from these harmful mmWave levels.

It is from my best understanding TESLA, in fact, showed that you can neutralize scalar energy (Scalar field theory).

Can #COVFeFe magnets essentially clean the impurities from 5G & deal with an ionic level & keep oxygen from being depleted rendering the signals harmless?

I have shared my concerns with the rollout of 5g and the health consequences of untested technology on a few other posts:

5G Impact on the Planet, Animals & Life Around Us!

Is 5g WIFI Dangerous for Everything

5G Network Health Risks, Issues Examined!

Intensive infrastructure will be required because 5G technology is effective only over short distances, and is poorly transmitted through solids. This requires unobstructed paths between transmitters and receivers. So, many antennae are necessary, preferably line-of-sight.

As a result, full-scale implementation could result in “small” yet powerful antennae every 2 to 10 houses in residential areas. There is strong evidence that the radiation we are now being exposed to from 3G and 4G has serious adverse effects on long-term human health.

Only time will tell us if they make this to stop the 5G from cooking us and if that what President Trump meant was this as the code word he used on twitter!

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