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Deep State Meaning – Fall of the Cabal

Today I want to discuss the deep state meaning and show you a documentary that I found that shows the fall of the cabal.

Now due to both Facebook and youtube stating the details inside are inappropriate, which they are due to the nature of pizzagate and the deep state meaning of it and how they are all invloved. So this update on 2nd May has the video on my blog in 2 parts below:


First off I want to share where I found this superb documentary from and give them the credit for the video I created from it. It was made by Janet Ossebaard. Most people have debunked this and got the first video where shes talked about things that can be proven scientifically so all the things that I feel are maybe a little off out and left the rest. Janet has got nearly 90% of the things she talks about in this series right and the info is there to back it all up.

Deep State Meaning – Video 1 of 10 Breakdown

I cut a few things out of the first video due to it maybe being able to be debunked and I want this to be on things that can be proved not something people want to sit and pick at. The first video starts us off with an introduction to the deep state meaning on our lives and that starts the fall of the cabal and the explanation of it. She goes through the walk from South America through to the U.S. that was plastered all over the media.

They were blaming President Trump and slating him saying he was being racist yet it was President Bush and Obama that also tried to get the wall built and nothing was said about this. There was so much footage to prove the media paid these people and behind it, all was George Soros. You could clearly see the armbands they had on that signalled to the crews who to film and they were paid for each day they were on TV.

She also said that George was in the deep state meaning that he was doing this to disrupt the U.S. into a financial crisis again for his own gains. Janet then went through a list of 5 things that you might not of know which were:

  1. Shows you that all diseases are patented proving that they are man-made and not just found in the World.

  2. Shows you that you are being listened too through your devices and people everywhere are being tracks through there GPS.

  3. Shows you the biggest company that is using GMOs to so-called protect plants and crops was bought by a company that makes mostly just poisons.

  4. Shows you another thing that was true that “Hilary Clinton” deleted 33,000 emails off the servers and destroyed the evidence or thought they did!

  5. Shows you that President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize even though the stats of the wars and crimes that he committed is still to this day been added up for trial.

I suggest you read the links and do your own research but the facts are there for all to see. At the end of video one, Janet shows how President Trump got into the white house through the Wikileaks emails post released by them. The information was given to them by Seth Rich and then it shows that he was found killed and still to this day no one has been charged with it.

Deep State Meaning – Video 2 of 10 Breakdown

In Video 2 Janet goes through the explanation of Q, now I am writing something about Q and Qanon but for now, I will go through the video and what Q is about. Q was started when a drop of information was released on a site called 4 Chan. Now I know they are calling it a conspiracy, yet everything that has been given through these connection called Q has actually started happening in real life.

This is the best video of the Q theory and I think anyone that has not watched this should after the video on the topic today on the deep state meaning to what is happening to us all right now. From the Q information, Janet went on to American Politics and the deep state meaning to it.

She starts to show you the introduction of all the secret groups and the way that they are using the governments as puppets to do the work for them. She starts to show you that the banks that not owned by the governments and these are also true statements. Janet explains about the way the Federal Reserve was set up and until this year was not owned by the U.S. government.

She also shared the names of two of the biggest families manipulating the systems to gain them more power and wealth and these families are the “Rothschilds” and “Rockerfellas”. I spoke about these briefly on another post about the deep state meaning. Janet went on to show us that two people said no to the Federal Reserve and these same two people died on a ship April 15th 1912.

Yes, the Titanic!

She then went to short but concise records of what these two families own and that they, in fact, were not the most powerful ones that were behind everything. Exposing them on some grim but details that were correct. Then she went on to shows us the damaging side effects of taking the vaccines that these people are behind the creation of them.

I have another video that is coming on that subject and that will open the eyes for many people out in the world when they see that there is not one piece of evidence that is true to say vaccines are good for you and that they cause things like autism, miscarriages and also paralysis. She goes on to the fluoride we have in the water and things like toothpaste that is toxic for us and again stating that nothing was or has ever been tested properly.

Then she goes on to GMO and who owns the companies behind it and shows what the deep state meaning behind the eugenics program they want to use us for a test to create the perfect human beings.

The last part of this video is about George Soros again Janet shows you the things he has done and the crimes against humanity.

Deep State Meaning – Video 3 of 10 Breakdown

In video 3 Janet shows how The caravan of people that came from Honduras to the U.S. was funded by George Soros using Pueblos Sin Frontiers himself to make President Trump look bad and to make these countries all involved turn on him or try to put them all into crisis. All the photos were debunked by Janet and the things she was saying you could clearly see they were being paid to act for the cameras.

You could clearly see them getting out of vans each day on the photos that were found and they were given the items brand new to wear and also people don’t walk 45 miles a day in no shoes or flip flops.

She also shows the people Soros used called Antifa demanding the money from him.

This was taken from Seeking the truth channel make sure you subscribe to their channel they have some good info on their channel. Now George Soros loves to create division and Janet shows you this perfectly.

The deep state meaning for these humans is selfish and inhumane.

The reason the man does this is to break up our unity as humans and to draw us against each other. We should never allow this kind of behaviour to help create division between us as humans, this just makes the deep state stronger and richer!

At the end of video three, Janet goes through the reasons people seem to hate trump and that is down to the “Fake News” as he rightly says it making him look this way to the masses. Use a browser like duckduckgo instead of Google and see why President Trump says it and learn from watching the videos and seeing the truth for yourself.

By comparing Trump to Obama you clearly see he’s brought peace in every way possible. Yet, Obama dropped a bomb ever 20 – 30 secs every day of his terms in power as President. It shows Trump seeking peace first with North Korea then creating the North and South of Korea a middle ground to make peace with. The deep state meaning they created for this was that Trump wants war and the media has bashed him rather too much.

6 million new jobs Trump created, lowered the employment rates in over 50 years and for the first time ever the GDP has risen in the U.S for a very long time under his term. Trump attacked drug-making companies and also created the biggest tax cuts under any President.

The thing is President Trump is working for FREE to do all this and he is the ONLY one to do this. The best thing is that is declared war on child abuse and trafficking children and humans. The people that he has arrested and stopped hurting children is the thing I love this man the most for.

Now you probably going to say he’s racist and he has said this and that, but remember the media posts what they want you to see, not the truth, which his reason was due to it stopping the child, human trafficking and drugs problems coming from South America.

She points out well other Presidents that wanted a wall and nothing has ever been said about then saying it!

This is the point where she goes on to Pizzagate and the truth around this so-called conspiracy, yet they are all being arrested and rounded up RIGHT NOW!

Deep State Meaning – Video 4 of 10 Breakdown

Janet starts to look at the people behind the covers of the support helping or was supposed to be helping in Haiti. One was Laura Gayler-Selsby. The full story on her is she was spending all the foundation or charity she set up on the businesses she was losing and the kids looked like the way to pay the debts that were mounting upon her.

Laura is said to have at least 7 cases of staff or ex-employees taking her to court for not paying them.

The thing that shocks me most about this is the assistance of the Clinton’s.

Bill swoops in and then Laura gets a sentence reduction, how easy it is for some people to just get away with trying to kidnap kids to sell to people that worshipped satan.

The end of this video is about the Clintons and the Wikileaks drops and the things that they have done and the crimes they are now about to have to start facing. It also shows how charities are set up and don’t give anything to the people that are collecting for like the Red Cross. They made over 500 million and out of that gave people of Haiti three houses back out of 500 million received.

This is the start of really going down the rabbit hole, where things hard to describe having children myself.

Deep State Meaning – Video 5 of 10 Breakdown

This video is about the abuse, torture and abuse of children by the deep state. I’ve done a post on the deep state meaning and connections to this so I won’t again write about it. If you want to check the post out it is here:

Adrenochrome Harvesting & Abuse of Children

Deep State Meaning – Video 6 of 10 Breakdown

This video is about the lies the mainstream media is sharing with us and making become more divided than we have ever been. There is footage of the same people in different bomb blasts or shoot outs. That these people who were named totally different people had been shown to us and no one really noticed the lies and deceit the media really does share with us.

Janet again went to why the media are bashing trump and show’s how all the media presenters are actors or connected to an alphabet gang of the U.S.


You can see for yourself by typing in the same people dying in news and you will see they do it all the time. They even show fact-checking sites being set up by people that are also in the deep state and working with them. Janet shows you that all these different channels are owned by a few people again that control everything we do and I posted out of the shadows to prove this to you.

The CIA have been and are still are controlling most of the things we see and even writing the scripts for the shows we watch.

Before I started talking about these topics I’m writing about now, I would see people being killed for the same thing I said that had happened. This is why I never used to write due to thinking that I would end up the same.


Too many time now people who were about to say something have been killed or accidentally committed suicide, which is total garbage and no one could see through like me a few of my friends could nearly ten years ago.

Too many time if you can add it up correct or they fit then they must be right!

Janet then show’s you that most of the media that backed Hilary Clinton is the main people that own all the media.

Disney is one of them!

You will see that we don’t get the freedom of choice really and we don’t get a say either.

Till now that is!

Trump has proven that he never did anything with Russia and in fact, you should be looking at the ex-President and Hilary Clinton with “Uranium one scandal

The real crimes were done by these people and not President Trump. Do the research yourself and see.

uranium one scandal

Deep State Meaning – Video 7 of 10 Breakdown

This video was about the practice of witchcraft and satanic occult practices that the Hollywood and people who owned the big companies all took part in as well as the sacrificing of the children that someone had bought in the child trafficking part Janet went on about earlier.

When I found this stuff out it made me actually decide if they know satan is real and they do this for him then God must be real and all the lies I had been told by others I had watched in the past was incorrect. Maria Abramovich is one of these people to come out of nowhere and be linked to all the top Hollywood and governments all over the world. Just by Googling her name, you will see what she does and what they all go to her for.

Then as Janet is dutch she starts with how and where all the European royal families are also involved in the deep state meaning of these scandals. She starts with the Dutch royal family and then things she connects are too consistent to debunk!

She shows them with Maria at parties with the Dutch Royal family and then the wife of now King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima whose father Jorge Zorreguieta was part of the dictatorship of General Jorge Rafael Videla in Argentina. They claim they never met before they did but again Janet proves them wrong with proof of the holiday homes that they stayed in.

She went on to Queen Máxima’s family showing one sister to have a fine taste in art if you call it that and the other one had killed herself again with the signature moto to the Illuminati.

Hanging by the door handle!

She then goes through a list of people that went the same way and the facts start to again add up correctly.

Some of these people you will know very well!

The symbolisation of the Illuminati and how it shows up everywhere and fro what Q wrote the “symbols will be their downfalls”. The last part of this video is about the german people that the U.S. had brought to Argentina as well as the U.S. and tells you a few names that were linked to horrible crimes against humans in the war.

Deep State Meaning – Video 8 of 10 Breakdown

In the end part of the last video the mention of the Bilderberg Group and other deep state groups meaning that they hold power over the world through secret societies, manipulating the things each government have to say or do to us the people. Then she gets back on to pizzagate and how the royal families and the CIA tie in and have been taking parts in for decades.

This is all over the drug we create through fear I did a post about it:

Adrenochrome Harvesting & Abuse of Children

Google these names she mentioned:

Anne Marie Van Blijenburgh

Toos Nijenhuis

Anneke Lucas

Ronald Bernard

Richard Kerr

Gabriel and Alisa Dearman

Sarah Ruth Ashcroft

Fiona Barnett

Here some of the posts I did find, in case you couldn’t find any on Google. Read for yourself and make your own judgements on it after reading you will see like Janet says that they all say near enough the same things.

Deep State Meaning – Video 9 of 10 Breakdown

Again this part is about Q drops and Janet show the amount of time she has spent to deciphering the clues that are left or “crumbs” as they call them. Again like I said there is another post I’m making now about this so I won’t go into details other than to say she isn’t wrong in what she is saying and the world that judge people like Janet will soon get the wake up she said would happen. People like me and her don’t spend hours finding the information out to extend the truth.

There are too many things that Q has written that is happening you don’t know about due to the media!

Deep State Meaning – Video 10 of 10 Breakdown

In this part, she explains that for this to come out it would have to be someone that is nothing to do with politics or the crimes committed against humanity. She suggested that she would choose JFK Junior as his dad was loved and mourned over by millions and the spokesperson for this horrible set of crimes would have to be someone the public or governments could turn on.

She does state some good facts about Q being him as or his dad and the facts do point at JFK or JFK JR. Like I said I am writing another post about this so I will keep it brief. Again I ask you to do your research and see for yourself.

Deep State Meaning – Conclusion

The fall of the cabal had some places at the beginning that I was a bit iffy about, but in whole this documentary is like I said before about 95% correct and I have backed up with stories that have been hidden from everyone. I know people in the world like to debunk everything but some things you can debunk as much as you want the deep state meaning to this is that Trump wins and we gain more freedom and ill sure take that if these people are taken away from our children and families.

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