Does Body Image Cause Insecurities

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Today I want to talk about body image and how it may affect you as a human being.

Body Image
My Weight Loss – April 2019

For some people, body image can ruin a persons look on life. Some people don’t really get into how you look and some people just exercise because they think it is cool and hip and not what your body needs.

So today I want to write about the body image and how it can cause a person to have many insecurities as it did for me. The picture above is me how I looked in 2017 and what I look like as of April I have lost a bit more weight but starting gaining muscle now so my weight is gaining slowly again.

I always had really bad insecurities about my weight and my body image, so this is the first goal I set myself once I got clean for good and started to settle down and get the life I deserved.
I got big anxiety issues from my body image this last year as I never got why I never lost weight until I tried the keto diet and my weight and idea of why my weight and body image never change.

It was due to sugar!

Does Body Image Ruin Lives?

Body Image
For me being overweight was no laughing matter I used to hate myself and would get very anxious in public always pulling at my clothes to hide my flab. Being overweight is no laughing matter it makes people want to harm themselves and do things to themselves that you could never imagine.

It started for me as a young child, eating loads of sweets and chocolate not knowing what I was doing then all of a sudden at about 11. I started growing really fast and then I didn’t look at my body image till I went to high school and I wanted to start dating woman.

How often have you seen or heard someone say he or she is fat and you do not agree?

I went through high school being bullied and called for being a whale as they would put it and I even got people saying that I used to do things to animals just for once beating a bully up for trying to steal my bike. I went right through life hating my body image due to this horrible name calling it really gave me bad anxiety and I never even knew I had it.

Insecurities play a large part in this illusion, making you feel bad like I did and probably you too. It is part of human nature to worry as I said the other day in the quiz I did.

People don’t choose to be overweight or lose interest in their body image so why do people think it is ok to call or hurt people that are. Most times it is an inherited disease. While for many people, even those who inherit it can recover from it, it is a painful road.

There are all sorts of different factors to why people are overweight. In any case, it is sad, hard to deal with the body image, and regrettably often a deadly condition. For me being teased and ridiculed in school, that is supposed to be healthy can, in fact, be worse than having body image issues. The body image issue caused irrevocable scars on my emotions, on my soul. People who are bullied will be the ones who struggle with body image their entire lives because they have built up a hatred for those who have done this to them. It is one of the hardest circumstances to deal with.

How Can We Help With Body Image?

Body Image
Now when I was at school there was nothing like there is today for body image. We never had people stopping us being ridiculed, we have a way to help. Teaching proper eating habits and ensuring the necessary exercise is received is one of the first steps we can do. Before the pain starts and the child becomes damaged, we need to stop it and protect the child through helping him or her to lose the weight.

Now for people like me that start getting old and then decided to take some action the pain and the way it affects your body the weight and your body image is more life-threatening. For those who spend their entire lives overweight or worried about body image, they will be more likely to develop conditions like stress, depression, heart disease and even organ failure.
Just think like this:

Your heart can only work so hard before it can’t work any harder. The larger the body is, the more it has to pump and work.


Being obese or overweight makes it work harder. While you may not realize it, this does take a tremendous toll on the body, leaving the person in dire straits.

For those who are severely overweight, the solutions may be harder to come by. For many people who are overweight, they simply are physically unable to exercise. It causes them to be too tired because it taxes the heart and muscles just too much.

So, exercise for a better body image, what can you do?


body image

The person will need to begin an exercise regimen to get a better body image. This could be just small, simple exercises at first. When combined with eating the right foods in the right amounts, even this small amount of exercise can be so helpful for a better body image.

It is hard work, no matter what, but it is necessary to work. Increasing the amount of exercise as the person is able is the next step. Slowly but surely they will be able to get in the amounts of exercise that you need. It took me months to get into the shape I am now and mean hard work that hurt me every day, but I had enough of my body image and wanted it to change to make me happier.

Of course, you must start by eating correctly. The bad foods, such as sugar, calorie-rich foods need to be actually dealt with. Not only do these types of foods make you gain or maintain weight but they are packed with cholesterol and excess fat that can clog up the heart making either condition that much worse. It is by far one of the most difficult facets of our lives, but by some means, we must find individually the will power and the judgment to make the weight loss and a better body image a reality.

Dieting, exercising, supplements can all help to achieve this goal. No matter what, we must find it within our own selves to resolve this concern not for just ourselves but for our little ones. Or, we may not be on hand to love our family members very long or be able to live our daily lives. Weight loss just has to happen.

The results are devastating otherwise. Weight loss in all stages of life can be effective in any means.


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