Finding Good Habits for Bad Ones

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Today I want to talk about finding good habits to change into your bad habits.

Since I quit drugs, I found that swapping the things I used to do the old habits into something that is more rewarding and more enjoyable as good habits.

Good Habits

This is me playing Golf which I used to love before I went and ruined my later 20’s onwards with drugs and addictions. I would call this a good habit.

So why did I go back to playing Golf?

The way you look at yourself is the total amount of effort that you have put into your eating/exercise/mindset habits to this date.

There are two sides to the mind one is the conscious and the other is subconscious. The subconscious side of the mind is responsible for functions such as memory and controlling the body’s functions. This side is also the source of all emotions and feelings and all mental and physical good habits, bad habits and good/bad behaviour.

I.E – The Good Habits or the Drug or Other Addictions come from here.

What Are Good Habits or Bad Habits Then?

Good Habits

Like all good habits or bad habits come from the subconscious part of the mind as does emotion, mental and other physical habits do too. These are learned behaviours and are stored as memory and released as stimuli. As most of everything we do is unconscious this means our conscious mind is not paying attention to what our subconscious mind is doing.

As an example, you could of in the past eaten to feel better just once and then your subconscious mind stores that as you must eat when things are bad and you do it without even knowing.

Once you are ready to swap a good habit for a bad one then you must not just wish it away you must take action. Your subconscious mind is not your enemy it is just living off your thoughts and feeling it has attached to that certain moment in your life.

What Do You Have to Do To Change Bad Habits to Good Habits?

good habits

Another thing I did when I quit the drugs was to do hypnosis and meditationThis helped me program my mind to change the bad habits into good habits faster than I think I would have done if I chose to ignore them.

So as we developed the bad habits we can swap them for good habits. These few tips could maybe help you as well as they did for me.

1. Make a list of Good habits & Bad Habits

Good Habits

To do this you must write down on a piece of paper the things that you do love and have done since you were little. Then on one side, you write bad habits and the other good habits. You can use the one above the link to download is here.

Then what you do is make a plan to fit the new habit into the daily or weekly plan of yours as I did. Your mind makes and creates good habits or bad habits just based on a particular moment.

Make sure you really give this some thought as this could be the start of you and your life as who you were supposed to be in life. Make a list of all the reasons why you want to stop your habit, really give it some thought and list as many reasons as possible for giving up.

By listing as many reasons as you can as to why you want to give up it will allow you to see in black and white what it is that you don’t like about your habit and why you should give it up.

2. Analyze yourself

Good Habits

This is where you must ask yourself some really hard questions.

What are you really getting out of these bad habits?

Are you getting what you want from it?

Would you feel uncomfortable changing these bad habits into good habits?

List the things that you would change it for that you hate about your current bad habits. For example, you could take up a hobby, workout, read, go for a walk, do chores around the home or take up an adult education class. All of these can help you to take your mind off and break your habit.

3. Visualize doing the Good Habits

Good Habits

This is the part that at first wouldn’t help but from learning about attraction and the law of attraction I know “Thoughts become things“. I soon come to find that this really helps especially if you suffer from anxiety like I have to make you become more positive.

What you must do is visualize the way you would feel if you did stop, things like how much more money you might have if you quit drugs or how much weight you would lose from not binge eating.

I do this every day and use affirmations also and say things like this:

  • I respect my body
  • I find it easy to turn down drugs
  • I am in control of my own life

You can make your own and use them, but make sure you do it is proven to help.

Always in any of your bad habits changing them into good habits is a process that should always be taken one day at a time. Never look into the future and start to think about how will I cope in certain situations. Choose a day to give up your habit and stick with it no matter what comes up, keeping a journal can also help you to deal with kicking your habits and is helpful to get your thoughts and feelings out at the most frustrating times.

So basically in order to replace old habits you need to train in new ones in their place. Just making the decision to change is not enough, as many of us can account for doing only to get discouraged when the old habit keeps coming back.

Here is my addiction helping meditation if you haven’t seen it already check it out it really helped me.





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