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Epstein Island Temple Security Cam Footage of the Dungeons

Epstein Island Temple Security Cam Footage of the Dungeons – Recently with all the news on the Maxwell arrest we want to share some information on the island these crimes happened.

For all the people that follow Q, between June 29th to July 2nd they dropped threads 4541 to 4580. These threads were “Security Cam Footage of the Dungeons Under the Epstein Island Temple”.

Information about Epstein Island from the Q drops:



Security Cam Footage of the Dungeons Under the Epstein Island Temple

Epstein Island



List of Notable People Including Popular Hollywood Stars and Directors



Chauntae Davies, an Epstein Rape Survivor, Pictured with Other Young Girls on Epstein Island



Bill Clinton Pictured on Humanitarian Trip to Africa with Ghislaine Maxwell in the Foreground



Bill Clinton with Rachel Chandler



Bill Clinton Pictured with His Arm Around Epstein’s Private Masseuse Chauntae Davies



Three Sex Abusers/Traffickers Down Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell



Bill Clinton with Ghislaine Maxwell



Virginia Roberts with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell



Redrop: Hillary Clinton and Foundation Crime Against Children



Is Ghislaine Maxwell Marker Number 9 on The Countdown (re: Drop #4256)?

From an Anon on the boards…..a good dig.@elenochle @Inevitable_ET pic.twitter.com/dEiPyDj8us

— Nurse Deplorable 🇺🇸 (@rn__deplorable) July 2, 2020

Impressive, most impressive.

Argument: “Maxwell is not a big enough name to trigger a mass awakening.” [example]

Counter-argument: Do not make statements based on the assumption of ‘worth’ and/or ‘value’. Do not think ‘today’ but rather ‘after’ today.



Crimes against Children = common denominator [no matter political affiliation][mass pop awakening].

Have faith in Humanity.

Is Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest More Significant than Jeffrey Epstein’s Arrest?

Possible Epstein was a puppet [not the main person(s) of interest]?

Financed by who or what [F] entities?

  1. [Primary] gather blackmail on elected pols, dignitaries, royalty, Hollywood influencers, wall street and other financial top-level players, other high profile industry-specific people, etc.
  2. Feed an addiction [controllable]

Maxwell family background?

Robert Maxwell history [intel, agency, wealth, [CLAS 1-99]]?

Sometimes it’s the people in the background that are of greater significance.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Longtime Jeffrey Epstein Associate, Arrested



IT HAS HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epstein Island – Did you know about Great Great St. James???

Not only does embattled billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein own Little St. James Island, which is located in the U.S. Virgin Islands, he also recently purchased Great St. James Island.

According to USA TodayGreat St. James was popular with locals and tourists for its main attraction, Christmas Cove, a place where you could hang out and order pizza and have it delivered via boat.

The Huffington Post also confirmed this information in an article published on July 10, 2019.

Where is Great St. James Island?

The larger of the two islands Epstein owns is southeast of St. Thomas and west of St. John:


Jeffrey Epstein Great St James Island 1

According to a 2019 satellite image from Google Maps, there appear to be quite a few boats docked at the aforementioned Christmas Cove tourist spot:

Jeffrey Epstein Great St James Island Christmas Cove


Although Little St. James Island is reported to be Epstein’s primary residence, there are a number of structures visible on Great St. James:


Jeffrey Epstein Great St James Island 2

Jeffrey Epstein Great St James Island 3

Jeffrey Epstein Great St James Island 4

Website Online Cruising Guide describes the island as an “excellent overnight stop” which is popular with USVI charterers.

Their article about Great St. James appears to have been published around 2011 and does not mention Epstein at all. This tells us the suspected sex trafficker most likely purchased the property later on.

Were There Tunnels hidden on Epstein Island??

Recently high-resolution drone footage of Jeffery Epstein island, Little St James Island, has emerged. This footage gives a clearer view of the tunnels under Epstein’s Island as well as the statues on top of the temple on Epstein’s Island.

Although the closer footage is not perfect, it does give me credence to the theory that there are Horned Owls depicted on the temple itself. The underground tunnels are clearly visible under the temple, which many researchers believe could be an elevator shaft. What is clear from the new drone footage is the fact that there is something underneath the temple itself, maybe a hidden structure or bunker.

Some researchers are of the opinion that Jeffery Epstein is running what is known as a Brownstone operation – or blackmail operation. This theory was further bolstered by the testimony of Virginia Roberts, who was one of “Epstein’s girls”, and stated that she was told to sleep with powerful men for the purposes of blackmail. I go into some of these things in this video. Link to high res drone footage of Epstein Island:


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