How to Meditate for Beginners – 5 Steps to Success

Today I want to help people learn how to meditate, even if you are not fully beginners.

how to meditate

I have loved meditation for years since I learned how to meditate, I make meditation music and listen to it daily. Yet most people still are unable to incorporate it into their daily life. I use night meditations to fall asleep to and ones in the day if I find it hard to focus. In fact, at first meditation was quite painful and I always felt like I was too busy to meditate!

The real sad thing is that most of us don’t even know or are aware of the benefits of meditation, very few of us actually have a regular meditation practice. There is a lot of hurdles to overcome in order to incorporate meditation into our daily lives.

I overcame these obstacles I will share with you and have been meditating daily for years now as well as meditating periodically throughout the day!

Through meditation I have more peace and joy in my life, I’ve become less reactive and less stressed and I have more energy and creativity! And I know you can experience these benefits as well!

But first, I think it’s important to define how to meditate?

There is a lot of misconceptions around meditation. The most common one I have heard is that you meditate to get rid of the thoughts inside your head.

how to meditate

That alone would mean you would be set up for failure!

Meditation and learning how to meditate is about becoming someone that observes, rather than reacts to the thoughts going on inside your head. Learning how to meditate is about being fully present in the moment, pure and simple.

In this meditative state, you are aware of who you are beyond your body, mind and your soul.

Have you ever been sat watching the sunset and being fully in awe with it?

That much in awe 5 minutes passed and you forgot you were even there and what you were thinking about.

I bet you wouldn’t even of thinking about the future either was you!

You were completely in the moment and had this sense of aliveness inside. Well, that’s meditation!

Now we know what Meditation is, let’s learn how to meditate!

So now that we know what meditation is, how do we incorporate it into our daily lives?

I started by doing a few mins a day in silence and worked my way up to 30 mins over the course of a month. Now I can meditate for however long I want to. Over the years people who I have taught to meditate had different problems, these problems I have documented and now I will share with you.

Below are the TOP FIVE biggest obstacles to meditation, and how you can overcome them and learn how to meditate!

How to Meditate Tip #1: Not having enough time

how to meditate

The one I hear the most was that they never have enough time. it is the biggest problem that stops most people starting properly.

“I don’t have enough time to meditate”.

Interestingly enough people from all across the globe mentioned they didn’t have enough time to meditate.

There a couple of different things I share with you now and you will think “I can do that” to and this will hopefully start you off right with a bang.

First, I invite you to convert your waiting time into learning how to meditate time.

The average person waits 45-60 minutes a day. Yet those precious “waiting times” can be converted into meditating times.

So next time you are waiting for an appointment, take a moment to notice your breath. Or next time you are waiting in line at the store, take a moment to smile from the inside.

Second, you can incorporate meditation into any of these daily activities:

  • Showering
  • Eating
  • Walking

Third, have your animal be your meditation example!

Have you ever noticed when walking your dog how your dog is completely in the moment, taking in its’ surroundings?

Well, you can join in this blissful state. When walking with the dog notice the feeling in your feet with each step. Notice the sounds of the trees, birds, your surroundings.

Four, meditate while your driving!

Now, of course, do NOT close your eyes and meditate at the same time while driving.

But you can be totally present while driving, with your eyes wide open. While driving, notice the feeling in your hands as you touch the steering wheel. Or at a stop sign or in traffic, notice your breath.

These are simple ways you can incorporate meditation into your daily life. If we all did these simple things, we’d have a daily meditation practice all over the world!

How to Meditate Tip #2: Lack of Self-Discipline

How to Meditate

The next big obstacle that you could face with learning how to meditate is the lack of self-discipline.  Learning how to meditate take lots of discipline. I know when I started out I used to always fall asleep.

This happens with most people that do meditation at night time usually due to you being tired and the music playing, making you want to drift off.  I used meditation music this last week, to help me focus and concentrate, while I write and finish my first real published book.

This gave me the tools to stick to it and keep on until I finished, this is self-discipline. 

I know many of us, start with great intentions to meditate daily or to exercise daily and we might do it for a couple of weeks, but then we lack the self-discipline necessary to continue.

This is where someone like a life coach or personal trainers come in!

To hold us accountable and to keep us focused!

Ask your spouse, partner, friend, coworker to join you in incorporating meditation into your daily life. Hold each other accountable.

Just as an exercise partner is beneficial and productive, a meditation partner can be too!

How to Meditate Tip #3: Not having the right place or space to meditate

how to meditate
Right Place or Space to Meditate

The next tip to help you learn how to meditate better is not having the right place or space to meditate. Now, I didn’t say that you needed an awesome place like the photo I used, but you need somewhere to do it in peace and quiet.

This is a “perceived obstacle.” You can meditate anywhere literally while driving a car or walking through a crowded mall while you are awake.

People often use not having their own place or a specific area as an excuse to NOT meditate. If we wait for the right circumstances to meditate, we’ll never meditate.

I give you this little task if you have never meditated in public before, then now is the time to do it. When you do this, you can notice people and living things, while observing your breath or noticing the aliveness in your feet.

How to Meditate Tip #4: Falling Asleep

The next in the five tips on how to meditate is one of the most common obstacles to meditation. It is ok if you chose a meditation track designed to aid sleep or heal you. The idea of learning how to meditate is to learn about mindfulness.

Meditation is awareness. It’s being fully present in the moment. When you’re asleep, you’re asleep, not meditating.

Don’t meditate at night before bed. So many of us want to meditate daily but don’t think about it until we are getting ready for bed and then we try to meditate.

Of course, we’ll fall asleep.

Try meditating in the morning or mid-day when you are most alert.

Meditate in small sessions throughout the day. Again, notice your breath for a couple of minutes while brushing your teeth or showering.

How to Meditate Tip #5: Not knowing how to meditate

This one I hear all the time, “I don’t know what I’m doing” or “I don’t know how to meditate”

We make meditation more complicated than it really is!

Meditation is about being present in the moment. Again, you can incorporate meditation into your life without taking time out of your day. Your life can become a meditation. It is those moments throughout the day that we are fully present in the moment that matter. And through meditation, we discover the bliss of being that we are!

We have the new meditations going live in 2 weeks, keep your eyes as these will help you to learn how to meditate.


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