Stop Your Mind Chatter Before Bed – Free Meditation!

Stop Your Mind Chatter Before Bed

I was writing a blog about the history of CBT but this can wait till tomorrow as I think this post is more needed at the moment. You see that I too was guilty or can be from time to time.

So how do you stop your mind chatter before bed?

I am sure you have been there before the time to go to sleep and you tired, but your mind chatter won’t stop. The mind chatter just starts racing around as like you were when you just woke up. Here are some tips to help you get over the problem of your mind chatter stopping you from getting to sleep.

Mind Chatter Tip 1: Start unwinding about an hour before going to bed.

Mind Chatter

Make part of unwinding before bedtime part of your daily routine this helps you learn to switch your mind chatter on and off like a switch meaning you’re more in control. We don’t tend to come with a switch that does off/on so we must train our minds to do this.

I find that by getting myself ready for bed an hour before I want to go to sleep starts my night off better to stop my mind chatter.

I find that by starting to unwind and slow down about an hour before bedtime, my mind has chance to finish most of the chatter it had started and allows me to get to sleep without too much interference from the background chattering.

Mind Chatter Tip 2: Cut down on the caffeine

Mind Chatter

This means no energy drinks, cups of tea or coffee and especially no Coke Cola or Pepsi! In college or university we know that kids like to drink this stuff to stay awake so why would you want to drink this before you go to sleep.

So cut the last drink of caffeine out six hours before you go to bed I did this also and this is why now I probably sleep much, much better. A good rule of thumb is to reduce your caffeine intake from about dinner time and cut it out altogether from late afternoon to evening.

Caffeine is a powerful drug, so cut down gradually rather than go cold turkey. Otherwise, it won’t be mind chatter that’s keeping you awake, it will be a nasty throbbing headache instead.

Mind Chatter Tip 3: Have a nice warm bath/shower.

Mind Chatter
Warm Bath

This goes well with the first tip as the starting point of your settling down to reduce the mind chatter. A nice, long, warm bath or shower is a great way to relax. It also helps soothe your body and helps you to let go of the day in hand.

If you’re feeling especially happy to make more relaxing, light some aromatherapy candles to add to the atmosphere but even without those, a warm bath in subdued lighting can go a long way to relaxing you and cutting down the mind chatter.

Mind Chatter Tip 4: Turn off all lights.

Mind Chatter
Lights Off!

If you want to stop your mind chatter then you need to get the room dark as you can. The darker your room, the better.

This means no lights, no TV nothing!

If you can’t focus on anything, then you can’t be awake, I used to leave my PC on or TV on it only wakes you up when your eyes start to notice it.

That means turning off or covering all lights – even the alarm clock or the standby light on the television (which you shouldn’t have been watching just before retiring to sleep anyway!).

A pitch black room is best for the best sleep, you may need to get a blackout lining for your curtains or blinds but it’s well worth the investment.

Mind Chatter Tip 5: Learn to relax.

Mind Chatter
Try To Relax to Stop Mind Chatter…

Relaxing is did as babies but seem to forget as we get older.

You can learn to relax using methods such as meditation (a breathing meditation is simple and works very well) or hypnosis.

Some people seem to find it hard to switch off, so listening to a relaxation track can be a good way to relax your mind chatter and your body in the right direction.

If you combine that with some binaural beats – a high tech name for playing two slightly different tones, one in each ear – then you’ve got a recipe for a really excellent night’s sleep.

I uploaded another video to YouTube today check it our if you’re having problems with mind chatter.

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