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Welcome to Th3inn3rlight, a brand to help you connect with your mind and spirit!


Here at th3inn3rlight, we publish the alternate media that is rather being hidden from you or things that you can not see from censoring that is now taking place. We post information to enlighten you, to open your mind and to show you the World even though some times is it not something that is nice to write or talk about.


We also make meditations and music to heal people both inside and out. The music is shared in all good stores all over the world, so be sure to subscribe to th3innerlight mind and spirit newsletter, share and follow them as the th3inn3rlight brand grows by sharing love and getting love back from the work that we create to help your mind and spirit evolve.


Be sure to check our blog real-life truther stories we find information on that we think the public should see, free giveaways and so much more to help as much as possible.

We believe that knowledge should be free and correct, In interacting, it is crucial that you be truthful at all times. Here at th3inn3rlight, we share things to help clear your mind and heal your spirit.


We speak the truth to get our answers. If you would like to know more info about other things, it is best to ask the source of the information or search once you find a truth, who can straight inform you the truth you want to hear. Do not ask from others who probably can not tell you the true answers that just your source can provide. Concerns need to not remain unanswered.

We speak the truth to share our feelings about certain things. Interacting is not like a test with yes and no or several choice questions and answers. Two-way interaction is required to comprehend each other much better. Sharing true sensations makes for a deeper understanding of life and the questions you might have.


We speak the truth to give others Inspiration. Due to the fact that of the sharing involved that inspires, long-lasting relationships have actually gone through trials and have persevered and gone on. Excellent interaction permits people to be comfortable with each other, work together and live together in peace.


We speak the truth even If It hurts. In some cases speaking the truth might be hurtful. If you keep them in your ideas and are not able to share what you feel, you will feel trapped and one day without warning, your feelings come out in mad words that lead to horrible arguments.


Speak the Truth To Make Things Better. If you are truthful despite the viewed consequences, tell it anyhow. Face what happens after and work on making it better.


To walk the path of withstanding love that understands no limitations or bounds does and state what is truthful and best.


The music we make here at th3inn3rlight refers to a type of music that will help you achieve maximum human emotion both in spirit and also in mind. With this music, you are expected to relax your mind, be at peace with your spirit and just be calm in your soul. It is essential to note that regardless of the emotion brought out by creating the music, it is mainly supposed to help you relax and stay calm.

The type of music we create, therefore, helps you to meditate easier, faster and more naturally. To start your meditation, all you have to do is take a listen to our playlists and releases, and it will help you calm right down or maybe help with pain for instance.

Take a listen to our latest tracks or albums on our Th3inn3rlight Spotify profile.