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The Illuminati & 7 Real Facts about them Exposed!

Today’s post is about the Illuminati and who they are and when the Illuminati was and how it still is created today. I don’t know if you have seen it yet, but there was a documentary that comes out on YouTube called “Out of the Shadows”.

Wow, this blows the lid right off the elites using different things to manipulate the masses through the media and then at the end exposes the elites and actors and money spenders around the world all using Satanist rituals and abusing children.

Ten years ago I started uncovering this stuff and people called me fricking crazy!

The Illuminati is real, and today I’ll join the dots for you and what links them together with adrenochrome harvesting post which I did a blog post about the other day!

Who are the Illuminati, 7 Facts about the Illuminati?

The Illuminati


  1. The real name for the Illuminati is “The Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria”. These are the highest freemasons around the world. The Bavarian Illuminati is a part of the Discordian cabal.

A cabal is a group of people united in some close design together, usually to promote their private views or interests in a church, state, or other community, often by intrigue, usually unbeknownst to persons outside their group. Cabals are sometimes secret societies composed of a few designing persons, and at other times are manifestations of emergent behavior in society or governance on the part of a community of persons who have well established public affiliation or kinship.

The term can also be used to refer to the designs of such persons or to the practical consequences of their emergent behavior, and also holds a general meaning of intrigue and conspiracy. The use of this term usually carries strong connotations of shadowy corners, back rooms and insidious influence. The term is frequently used in conspiracy theories; some Discordian conspiracy theories describe the Illuminati as an internationalist secret cabal.

2.  These people are high order Luciferian Freemasons, thoroughly immersed in mysticism and Eastern mental disciplines, seeking to develop the super-powers of the mind. Their alleged plan and purpose is world domination for their lord (who precisely this as a lord varies widely).

The Illuminati are alleged to be the primary motivational forces encouraging global governance, a one-world religious ethic, and centralized control of the world’s economic systems. Organizations such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the International Criminal Court are seen as tentacles of the Illuminati. According to the Illuminati conspiracy, the Illuminati are the driving force behind efforts to brainwash the gullible masses through thought control and manipulation of beliefs, through the press, the educational curriculum, and the political leadership of the nations.

3.  The Illuminati supposedly have a private board of elite, interlocking delegates who control the world’s major banks. They create inflations, recessions, and depressions and manipulate the world markets, supporting individual leaders and coups and undermining others to achieve their overall goals.

The supposed goal behind the Illuminati conspiracy is to create and then manage crises that will eventually convince the masses that globalism, with its centralized economic control and one-world religious ethic, is the necessary solution to the world’s woes. This structure, usually known as the “New World Order,” will, of course, be ruled by the Illuminati.

So now we know that these people worship satan and partake in activities that involve him and witchcraft. We know they are part of banks and courts and use the governments to push the agendas through to us as well.

  1. The CIA has a book using the 13 bloodlines of them:

Read the book from the CIA files about these families or check out the other facts I gathered by clicking the links and researching yourself, you may know some names already, but I will show what the names are now most changed them after the war in 1944. The founder of the Astor fortune was John Jacob Astor (1763-1848).

The 13 Illuminati Families Who Secretly Rule The World

The last one is Merovingian; this means in simple terms “Europen Royal Families.” The Illuminati is the continuation of the Mystery Religions of Babylon and Egypt. And the bloodlines of the Illuminati go back to people who at one time lived in Babylon and Egypt.

Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Know About The Ubiquitous ...

The faces on here are some of the people that fit into the names above I would like you to research, these names will bring you down the path to understanding these people that are on your phones, TV’s and music are all from the same families. If you don’t read the book and learn about who they are, then you will never understand they are real and currently in our faces, parading around us.

  1. They use a triangular pyramid as the structure of power, as you can see at the top is who they worship, and then the bloodlines are next in line followed by the levels of structures we have in place to rule us.

Mind Games Of The Illuminati | The Truth & The Light ...

  1. They have infiltrated our money and political systems they created to manipulate us.

13 bloodlines - Google Search | Illuminati, Illuminati ...

Any of these operations look familiar to you?

They even mock us in money forms too, which come from the banking systems above that are used to control us.

  1. They use celebrities are as a form of “demi-gods” to distract us. The reason they put the “stars” on show, is a form of distraction and to take us away from what is going on with this planet.




There are currently 24 Illuminati Grand Masters. There are only five celebrity Illuminati members presently occupying the highest level within the Order.

  • Elizabeth II, Queen of England
  • Bill Gates
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin (co-founders of Google; Google often uses next-level Illuminati symbolism within its search iconography. Some insider sources claim that the Illuminati raised page and Brin from birth)


The Illuminati Knights are elite members of the Order, second only to the Grand Masters. Future Grand Masters are typically selected from the Knights unless a hereditary position (such as King or Queen of England) gives automatic Grand Master status. The current number of Illuminati Knights could be anywhere from 250 to 1,000.

  • Jeff Bezos (CEO of
  • Nick Mason (drummer from English rock band Pink Floyd)
  • Werner Herzog (German movie director)
  • Elon Musk (founder of PayPal and Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, among others)
  • Laurence Fishburne (the Illuminati’s most influential “sleeper” presence within the Hollywood system, a key “social cog”)
  • Tom Jones (singer)
  • Richard Branson (English business magnate and investor)
  • Harrison Schmitt (astronaut, now retired; Schmitt was the twelfth and last man to set foot on the Moon — officially, at least)
  • Paul Verhoeven (movie director)
  • Dimitar Berbatov (former Bulgarian soccer player; Berbatov has been a valuable Illuminati asset over the years, and is probably the highest-ranking sports celebrity within the Order)


The neophytes are members who have been accepted into the Illuminati Order but have yet to prove themselves worthy of further advancement. They have limited access to both The Secret Armoire (high-level Illuminati documents) and The Secret Boudoir (high-level Illuminati orgies and breeding systems).

  • Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter (the French electronic music duo better known as Daft Punk)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (co-founder and chairman of Facebook; Zuckerberg was an Illuminati Knight for 38 days but was demoted for being “repetitively annoying”)
  • Orlando Bloom (actor)
  • Jim Morrison (lead singer of The Doors; Morrison supposedly died of a heroin overdose in 1971, a blatant fabrication; it is not yet known what role he has been given within the New World Order, but completion of his task will likely lead to him becoming an Illuminati Knight or possibly a Grand Master in the future)
  • David Fincher (movie director)
  • David Beckham (soccer player)
  • Padma Lakshmi (Indian-born American cookbook author, actress, model and television host; Lakshmi became a handmaiden at the age of 14 and was promoted to Illuminati Neophyte at the age of 28 due to her impressive range of abilities; some Illuminati members believe she will be the next woman elevated to Knight status)
  • James Franco (actor and director)
  • Kevin Spacey (actor, director, screenwriter, and producer)
  • Simon Cowell (there are many rumours about Cowell, stories that come from within the Illuminati itself; it seems likely that Cowell is playing a far more significant role within the New World


Only a handful of women have ever reached the higher ranks of the Illuminati. In general, women occupy the very lowest Illuminati rank, that of handmaidens. Handmaidens carry out menial tasks such as making the tea and sandwiches at Illuminati meetings. Many handmaidens also act as body slaves to the Illuminati Knights, serving them sexually when requested.

Despite their low status, Illuminati handmaidens receive the same amount of support and social furtherance as Illuminati Knights. Some handmaidens are given more complex tasks, including infiltration (see Katie Holmes) and, in extreme cases, assassination.

  • Tyra Banks
  • Miranda Kerr (supermodel and Orlando Bloom’s personal “wife”/body slave; Bloom won Kerr while playing poker with Illuminati Knight Laurence Fishburne)
  • Heidi Klum
  • Lady Gaga (unconfirmed and only a rumour; Gaga uses blatant Illuminati symbolism but her membership has not been confirmed; she may possibly be a handmaiden candidate)
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Kate Bush (English singer-songwriter; Bush, born in 1958, is the Arch Lady charged with organizing the Illuminati Handmaidens)
  • Rihanna (according to a reliable source, Rihanna has been fast-tracked by the Illuminati; she is likely to rise to neophyte status soon if she isn’t a neophyte already)
  • Björk
  • Tim Gunn (fashion consultant and TV personality; the only gay male celebrity handmaiden, now too old to be a body slave for anyone except Queen Elizabeth)
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar (actress famous for playing Buffy the Vampire Slayer and for a cinematic lesbian kiss with Selma Blair)
  • Mila Kunis (rumoured member-only; like Lady Gaga, she is probably a handmaiden candidate)
  • Celine Dion
  • Katie Holmes (in 2005, Holmes was tasked with infiltrating the Church of Scientology, an organization despised by the Illuminati; she courted and married Tom Cruise, a leading figure in Scientology, remaining as his wife for five years; it is said that Holmes will undoubtedly become an Illuminati Knight in the future, a more than justifiable reward for having tolerated Tom Cruise for so long)


You may be surprised to see some names not included on this list of current celebrity Illuminati members.

American rapper Jay Z, for example, is often highlighted by the media as an Illuminati member. But like many celebrities, particularly those in rap and hip hop culture, Jay Z has developed a persona using Illuminati symbolism simply because he believes it makes him seem powerful and “cool.” But he is not — and almost certainly never will be — a member of the Illuminati.

Barack Obama is perhaps another notable absentee. In truth, only two U.S. Presidents (both now deceased) have ever been Illuminati members. The majority of U.S. Presidents are nothing but puppets, with less famous Illuminati members pulling their strings from the shadows.

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