living in sin
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Living in Sin – Do we live in a life full of sin?

I came to realise the other day that we may be living in sin and a life full of it, that is not our fault but pushed on to us by higher deeper figures.

Are our lives mapped out for us that bad by the deeper forces so we end up living in sin?

From Disney films to Netflix and then even porn sites everything we watch or listen to now is connected to sin in one way or another.

Is Disney making films that are living in Sin?

living in sin

Disney is apparently a family-oriented business, however, it has actually frequently been accused of placing sexual innuendos into its animations. Some think that Walt Disney, himself an alleged specialist of the occult and closely connected to the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, was directed by his Illuminati masters to corrupt the youth, make them more promiscuous and help damage the standard family design for not living in sin.

The Illuminati likewise commissioned the production of Fantasia, a popular Monarch mind-control shows tools. Same as the photo above that clearly shows a men’s private area and at first glance, we never look at it that way.

living in sin


Meditation is it living in sin or good for you?

living in sin

We are told meditation is good but others warn its a way to open your mind to other spiritual beings around us. My whole business is through mindfulness and meditation and after watching a few different things about sins it made me really think. Is opening our mind and spirit a bad thing if that opens the door to negative things that might want to harm us or make us start living in sin. 

Can being in a higher state of mind in meditation lead to living in sin?

This has been a hard thing for me to accept that certain types of meditation could cause you to allow demonic presences into your body. Demonic oppression through meditation could be the attack by demonic forces that can result in illness, depression, financial difficulty, abnormal fear plus many other things. So, it is a good idea to be aware of things that can open up a person to spiritual oppression. 

People will say I’m crazy, but let them as I have seen first hand that this could be true due to being scratched on multiple occasions whilst sleeping listening to meditations. This is why I wanted to find the answer if some of the music I did make or listen to have a way of letting them into me to allow me to start living in sin.

Let’s take a look at what I found out about other things we are living in sin with doing it.

  • Past involvement in occult activity – Occult activity includes such things as Ouija boards, tarot cards, astrology, séances, necromancy (contacting the dead), and divination.

I used to have apps that would allow me to talk to the spirits and I used to use a prayer to protect me from bad spirits being able to come into the circle or harm us. I got careless and started just using it without the prayer, this is where I went wrong the chats were filled with things that said “submit” and “knee to me”. I would do a prayer after but the way its gone, its little too late now and I will have to do some work on getting help with this. 

Never use these or any of the things I said it is living in sin and it opens the door to things you don’t and won’t want in your life.

  • Past involvement in false religion –  False religions are, ultimately, doctrines of demons (1 Tim. 4:1Matt. 24:24).  To dabble in them is to directly dabble in demonic activity.  Such religions would be in Gods eyes as Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam, Roman Catholicism or anything that is not what God intends.

I never really believed in any other religion, I did say a lot that God wasnt real and I dont think that was me! I never really wanted to go into any of the other religions and I think its due to me knowing that they could be a trap or something that was ment to be harmful. Now I am not bashing them, I am stating that in the bible it does say that other religions are satanic or occult based.

“But the Spirit explicitly says that bin later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons”.

“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect”.

  • Drug use – Drugs alter the state of the mind and can invite demonic activity since it promotes the loss of control of the mind as well as denying God’s intention for us to be sober-minded.  The Greek word for sorcery is pharmakeia (Galatians 5:20Revelation 9:2118:23)

I was guilty of this a lot as well, I used to be a DJ and this is how I fell into the meditation music and creating it. I know that the healing ones I create are ok by God, but now I have come to see that the higher level ones are ways through drugs especially easy for a demon to enter a spirit. This is why I gave them up I used to see things on them that no one should ever. I was living in sin every week 4 times a week some weeks. The partying, drug, booze and woman ment that I was breaking rule after rule every single time. 

  • Pornography – This is a sin of lust that can easily open a person up to having demonic influences and control.

Now everyone has to admit they are guilty of this in one way or another, it is everywhere and all for free. Sex before marriage is a sin and we have been taught that this is ok and it never was. The laws the universal laws we have to stick to say that it this is the easiest way for us to lose control of our spirits and the best way to be living in sin. I know I used to watch porn easy 4-5 times a week and this also is away to break the rules against mastabation which again is living in sin.

  • Occult meditation techniques – Emptying the mind, centring prayer, repeating a single word or phrase for long periods, are all practices that can induce an altered state of consciousness and can promote the loss of personal control of your mind.

Now I have researched and the way that you empty your minds should be through prayer and to god, so I found out that repeating words will send us in a altered state ones that demons can enter through and these meditations I have made will be coming down. I will only do healing ones from now on and never ones to enable demons to enter your body with.

Those who have practiced meditation, yoga and who have submitted themselves to various chakra initiations have unknowingly opened themselves to scores of demons. If you are a practicing Christian  and you are experiencing various energy pulls, shifts, sensations of heaviness, heat and cold, if you find yourself frequently out of control of various body parts, bodily functions  and/or  other manifestations, you are experiencing the outward signs that suggest that you need to be delivered “inside” your spiritual body. Here is why. You have made an invitation to Hindu gods, aka, evil spirits aka demons and fallen angels. Here is a summary of “what has happened.”

  • Curses from other people – Sometimes people involved in occult activity will curse you or your family.  It is not that you can actually be cursed as a Christian.  Rather, those who are against Christ and his people can focus demonic activity on you.

Now, this can happen and I know that the illuminati worship satan and other demonic creatures. The way that they do it is through withcraft and black magic which is another post entirly, today we will focus on living in sin and this is one of the worst things that you could do to someone or have done to you. We decided upon writing this to create a new album from the best prayers we could use to help the chakra mistakes we possibly created in some people. Each track is set to 432 hz and will naturally heal you as the prayers are being given to you. This is my way of showing God i’m sorry and that I have done something to give back with love and caring thoughts and prayers.

Im not saying you have to beleive what I wrote here today about living in sin. These blgos are designed to help you open your mind to other things to help you go and do research with and to let you decide if we in fact are living in sin or not.

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