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Stopping pain by using meditations

Mediation Pain

Today I went to play a golf competition and got the worse headache pain you could imagine, the best thing was I had no way of stopping the pain that I found myself in.

Pain is and will always be of your physical body. It comes from the nervous system, which can only exist when the body has come under injury or disease. Pain in this sense is very simple and basic. It is the firing of pain receptors in your body.

I was on the 9th hole and the headache pain started I think from being dehydrated or the sun as it is 23 Celsius at that moment in time.  I had to play the rest of the round with this pain but I got home and did a meditation that stopped it instantly.

When pain starts is causes suffering. Suffering is different from pain. Suffering is caused in the mind and not in the body when the mind thinks negative thoughts and creates stories or drama around events or situations.

Many people have victim identities revolving around their physical pain. Meditation can help drastically with any pain if the tones are done right.

How Can Meditation Help Me With Pain


When we do meditation we sit in silence and focus on a single object such as the breath or a word (mantra). When we do this the mind allows you to watch the habitual thought patterns.

As we meditate we can sort through the issues our minds create. Sorting through your issues, as it is happening, is wonderfully liberating. It allows us to take a step back from our lives and create some space between us and the stories our minds generate. Creating space between you and the story is the first step in freedom from suffering.

To Meditate it is simple, you will need to keep trying at the start and doing small 5 – 10 min sessions. Meditation if practised with diligence and consistency to be effective. Sitting quietly in a focused manner for as little as 10 – 15 minutes a day will begin to clear the mind of old rubbish mental clutter. Clearing the mind of its habitual and recurring thoughts is the first sign of success in meditation.

As you sit and learn to do meditation on a daily basis, you will able to simply let thoughts and feelings pass on by while staying centred and focused on your object. This centeredness then spills over into other areas of your life. Staying centred in yourself is a big step in the right direction. The first step in stopping suffering is to no longer creating more. By not participating in drama you no longer create suffering for yourself or your world.

Develop Better Focus with Meditation


After you practice you will start developing better focus and concentration. Developing focus and concentration on a single object without any distraction allows you to deal with pain in two ways. First, you can focus fully on an object and in a sense block out the pain. This is a very effective practice. There are people who have mastered this practice and use it very well.

I recollect reading about Gandhi once, he was able to have his appendix removed without any pain medication. He was completely conscious though out his whole surgery and was reported to have joked and chatted with his followers through it. He felt tremendous pain, but it didn’t affect him in the slightest. This is the potential of focused attention. Being able to eliminate energy from pain is very useful. Staying focused and concentrated on an object enables you to revoke some or all of its power. This is one way to deal with pain.

The other, more intense, practice is to use your focus and concentration and dive strongly into the pain as it appears. This needs a lot of willpower. It is not for everyone but there are cases where this type of practice is most beneficial. Whenever you start to feel the tinges of pain bring the full brunt of your consciousness into it. This way there is no past, no stored picture of pain. It is dealt with fully in the present moment. Doing this can help resolve pain. It can lead to various insights about why pain keeps transpiring. Although rare, this practice can lead to the end of pain and can stop the cause from occurring.

Balancing these two practices are key. Both have their importance and both are valuable. The main thing is to stop creating more suffering and deal with what is actually happening. You can never effectively deal with the past or future only the present. Sit in meditation and start clearing your mind so you can stop suffering. Then you will be able to deal with pain effectively.

This 20 min (Pure Tone Series) meditation will help with any pain especially headaches.


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