Plandemic: Global Epidemic Exposed

Can you see the Plandemic yet? Can you see the plan for this global epidemic to take our freedoms and life away?

Today social media giants blocked a video in this bigger video for stating the whole thing with this global epidemic is fully planned to take our freedoms away.

The name for this video was called plandemic. I spoke about this in other posts these are below for you to look at after the post today.

Robert F Kennedy JR Wins Vaccine Case 6/19

The Truth About Vaccines

Let’s be very real about this totally staged plandemic and media-hyped panic:


Plandemic we don’t know what we don’t know.

200 Images of people saying hospitals are lying about it all!!!

First, let’s establish some basic findings of fact and crucial data points about the transparently staged Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

As follows:

FACT: The Wuhan coronavirus, identified by WHO as COVID-19, is a highly complex pathogenic microorganism that causes an extremely contagious disease process.

FACT: This bioengineered coronavirus is transformed into a much more powerful bioweapon when released into an environment that has an activated 5G power grid, specific chemtrail formulations are being systematically sprayed, the populace has been vaccinated with flu vaccines and everpresent industrial pollution has compromised the respiratory systems.

FACT: This particular strain of coronavirus was created in a technologically advanced bioengineering laboratory and designed, not only to kill on a mass scale, but also to sustain a global pandemic.

FACT: This extremely virulent form of coronavirus was released in Wuhan, China during the same year that the city was designated a 5G demonstration zone which indicates the intention to commit genocide.

FACT: The coronavirus bioweapon could only have been launched, and successfully covered up, by an exceedingly powerful group of state actors, corporate entities and transnational institutions that subscribe to the New World Order globalist agenda.

FACT: The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic is an unusually premeditated depopulation event directed at China via a race-specific bioweapon similar to previous bioterrorist attacks against the Chinese such as the 2002 SARS outbreak.

FACT: This bioterrorist attack could very well evolve into a slow-motion Extinction Level Event and has already had overwhelming impacts on the global economy as it has caused China’s economy to grind to a halt.

(Source: BIOENGINEERED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An elaborately staged global, false-flag, bioterror operation using real bioweapons aimed at multiples targets and with numerous NWO objectives)

I know whenever the mainstream media (MSM) reports about the coronavirus is usually lies.

In the film out of the shadows I posted you were shown that the CIA own and monitor the media and most of it is them making stories up or saying things are conspiracies. For me, not a single news report can be trusted.

This has been happening since Hollywood started and news became mainstream. If you search “Operation Mockingbird” you will see where each and every organ of state-sponsored propaganda echoes the same false script produced by the forever-prevaricating US and UK Intelligence Communities.

Since the virus broke the news in December of 2019, every major MSM organ of propaganda has been an echo chambers for coronavirus disinfo, misinfo and false info everywhere.

This is how you know this is a HUGE intelligence operation, and especially a global psychological operation (also known as a psyop).

The word “Intelligence” is used by all the expanding information now on offer for a virus they said they knew nothing about in January 2020.

One reason I started talking about these things was due to the real info not being given when I was checking facts on the virus.

Hence, it’s virtually impossible to know what is true and what is not about the coronavirus and the emerging plandemic.

Do you get Plandemic yet?

Donald Trump and even his press Secretary even stated that they too make things up. President Trump calls the news fake all the time and that is not cause they lie about him they do it all the time.

When you see actors are used in news, yes paid actors they called “Crisis Actors” you start to see that this was all planned hence the name or this post and even the video Facebook and YouTube banned.

How are we to know if the MSM publishes even one fact about this wholly manufactured plandemic?

That’s correct!

We can’t know, for sure, can we?

This entire thing boils down to taking the freedoms away from us and making sure they can monitor you through a “patent for human chip“.

Bill Gates talked about the next pandemic and the one they are really planning for, which will be the push for this chip, so make sure you read it carefully and do some searches on as the patent code is 060606.

I will post the blog on this next week!

Breakdown of Plandemic

The infomation has several key points and issues surrounding the whole truth being available over this highly planned and meticulously bioengineered pandemic.

Each part will need to be understood for you to know the full truth. Each of you must comprehend the sheer depth and breadth of this complex international criminal conspiracy.

The first part is whenever the news reports something like a coronavirus outbreak occurring, we really don’t know if it did.

Anything they say can be things like:

  • Turning on 5G and us getting flu like symptoms from the raditation
  • A normal Flu or Cold and we do them each year outbreaks of these
  • Deaths that are not Coronavirus deaths being made into them

Any announced outbreak could be another illness altogether that’s being labelled “coronavirus”. It could be a specially formulated chemtrail aerosol that’s being tested on the residents below.

It could also be a combination of all 3 or 4 of these.

It could infact also be an extremely dangerous and deadly bioweapon tagged COVID-19 which was bioengineered in a military biowarfare laboratory.

The second part of Plandemic is this, the testing kit for the coronavirus. Considering that we couldn’t make vaccine for it in January and I know that was months ago.

By what way and how does every single health care facility in the world just magic these in to the World with no cure?

Secondly, where did these highly advanced and novel diagnostic test kits come from that we know nothing about?

Really, how just accurate is the supposed coronavirus diagnostic test?!

And who created them?

This make you ask which medical authorities and scientific research institutions were involved in the formulation of the now common COVID-19 lab test diagnostic protocol?

Does it produce either false positives or false negatives?

Who, exactly, is administering the diagnostic protocol in each hospital or clinic that has produced a spate of infections?

We really don’t know the answers to any of these important questions, do we?!

I think we are listening to the WHO too much!

For some reason I have the feeling the medical authorities could be artificially inducing the WHO-established ‘coronavirus symptoms’ in any patient under the care of a physician or within a hospital, care home or even prision setting.

Another thing that could be happening is the people that are in these places could injected with virus, especially a coronavirus, as a constituent of their now mandated vaccines.

The other scam they use is the global warming one, yet no one can publish anything solid on that the same goes for this.

The people around the world are asking for this pandemic to show the data they use and the science behind the virus is being used to determine who has it and who doesnt.

100’s if not more of medical investigators and health journalists who are justifiably asking.

Does the specific coronavirus known as COVID-19 even exist?

Tracing the source for the best pandemic investigators has been such a hard task. If it was one source one place they could easy do the research and testing to check it.

With this they can’t even put a piece together to get a source of infection. Everything seems to be pointing at multiple bioterror attacks at the same time all over the world.

The ones in USA are different to China where it has supposed to have come from. The ones that come out the other day in Iran are said to be a new strain that is wiping out 1000s a day in Iran.

It’s quite likely that this is exactly what has been happening in Iran .

Iran has also been quite inexplicably hit as hard as any other country by the coronavirus—WHY? The mortality rates have been especially high. Clearly, there’s something very wrong with that picture as follows:

“Iran has been the center of one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks. The country has over 10,000 confirmed cases, with over 6,500 new cases in the past week.”

The video I posted talk discussed this also.

The last part of this whole pandemic is the Celebrities and other stars coming out in public to say they have it. This part of the psyop is about making you think your favourite actors or singer has it, so we have to be careful doesn’t it?

There was a political opponent of the UK Priminister saying his case was acting and she made to write a sorry letter and to publicly say sorry for it as well.

As if to confer legitimacy on this “staged hoax blended with reality”, famous actors and professional athletes, powerful politicians and popular musicians are self-quarantining themselves after declaring they were exposed or tested positive for coronavirus.

Or were they spiked by the Chinese lab that made the adrenochrome for these people that love it?

Do you see how now how it could all be planned?

The drama over these people saying they have it will draw the fans in and with each of these staged event will add to the further news media and radio saying to fear for you’re lives.

These people are part of the same cloth!

They want the same things as the other people like the UN, China, Bill Gates and co.


The captivating social media around each of these staged media events further convinces the unaware masses that this is all real, when much of it may not be.

That’s how much the perpetrators rely on and routinely use the Celebrity Society to assist with carrying out their missions.

While each of the preceding 3 points may appear to imply a non-existent COVID-19 scenario, such a ruse would be impossible to carry out successfully in a global theater of biowarfare.

All the evidence points to a bioengineered coronavirus being stealthily launched as a purposeful bioweapon around the globe against the enemies (China & Iran) of the real perpetrators (Western powers). In this way, many powerful and influential people in those nations can be intentionally killed under the cover of a coronavirus death.

But the much more demanding question concerning Iran is:

Did Israel launch a deadlier strain of the coronavirus against Iran?

After all, who has wanted to carry out a regime change in Iran for decades now?


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The United States, especially the Trump administration.

The UK under the past several PMs, and particularly the Boris Johnson government.

I will leave this post with you. Do your research and search another search engine for “plandemic”.

Make sure you share this post, with your social media and friends we need to create one big voice to say no to forced vaccines, mirco chips and nano tech!

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