Self-Discipline is not as hard, 5 Tips to Help!

I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday, today I want to talk about Self-Discipline and why it is super important to learn if you aren’t already doing it. I have put together a little help in 5 tips to get you started or to give you fresh ideas. 

Why Is Self-Discipline So Hard?


Not many people want to be seen as no fun, too serious, and army regimented. When you think of the term “self-disciplined,” you may think of a serious military type of person.

Just the thought of that kind of person in your mind could make the starting process so much harder. This could be the key for normal people that don’t think it is important to forget about it and just focus on things that are not important. They’re not understanding the positive factors of developing this skill.


Let’s look at some reasons why self-discipline is so hard for many people.

Lack of Understanding of What Self-Discipline Really Is


Learning this skill is a combination of skills that are put into effect consistently to achieve the results you want. It is about a long term plan to put this into practice and help you design the behaviors needed to help you reach your goals.

Only by keeping and sticking to it you will then avoid the temptation that would regularly stop you getting the results you needed. You’ll need to develop all these skills to become self-disciplined.

To get what you want from life and live in a life full of success it needs time.

It does not happen at once. What you do today will determine the results in your future. If you change your present, you change your future. If you eat a lot of pizzas and delicious food today, you will gain weight, and this will show in your future weight. If you spend more money than what you earn today, you will have less money in the future.

Not Realizing How Important Organization Is to Self-Discipline


I had to undergo a long and involved struggle before I was able to learn how to organize.

My un-tidiness was a real embarrassment when I was growing up. Cleanliness is really viewed as being next to godliness in my community. 

As mentioned above, self-discipline is a way to describe many behaviors that lead to reaching goals at a high level.

One of the keys to being able to do this is knowing how to organize your schedule in a realistic way, along with putting together logically everything you need to do in a day. 

The Fact That Most People Don’t Know How to Break Tasks Up to Make Them Simpler

A person with self-discipline knows that when they have a goal, they need to break it up into smaller tasks that they schedule in their calendar to do regularly until the whole thing is done. They also know that this requires a lot less discipline than most people think.

Underestimating the Importance of Consistency

One of the real keys to self-discipline is to be consistent in turning down the temptation to achieve the long-term goal. For example, you know eating fewer calories on a regular long-term basis will lead to weight loss. Writing one page of content for your novel will eventually lead to a finished book. Small steps make a big difference, but they also must be consistent.

Knowing That Being Mindful Is a Factor in Self-Discipline

If you don’t know when you’re getting ready to give up or give in, or when you are reaching the end of your comfort zone and you’ve never experienced pushing past those blockers, it’s hard to know whether you can have self-discipline or not. You need to be aware of your own feelings and responsibility for any results you get in life or work.

Once you understand that you can develop all the skills associated with being self-disciplined, such as organization, goal setting, time management, and mindfulness, you can start to set up your life in a way that makes it easy to experience self-discipline and the results.


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