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St Gallen Mafia Exposed & Unmasked!

St Gallen Mafia Help to Get Pope Francis Elected?

St. Gallen Mafia

St Gallen Mafia, who are they and why are they important to the New World Order.

The St Gallen Mafia Group was a group of high ranking reformist clerics in the Catholic Church, described by the Bishop of Saint Gallen, Ivo Fürer, who hosted the discussions, as a circle of friends.

This St Gallen Mafia Group, who met annually in or near St. Gallen, Switzerland, in January, to freely exchange ideas about issues in the church. The group being informal, it had no official name.

“Group of St. Gallen” is what some of its members called it in their agendas, and the name has become public after a full chapter devoted to it in the biography of Cardinal Danneels, published by Church historians Karim Schelkens and Jurgen Mettepenningen;[2] “St. Gallen Group”,[3] “St. Gallen Mafia” and “St Gallen Mafia Club” are alternatives.

There is reporting that Cardinal Godfried Danneels admitted, in a recently released authorized biography, that he was part of what he called a “Mafia’ Club” opposed to Pope Benedict XVI:

[Danneels] called it a “mafia” club that bore the name of St. Gallen. The group wanted a drastic reform of the Church, to make it “much more modern”, and for Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio to head it.

The group, which also comprised Cardinal Walter Kasper and the late Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, has been documented in Austen Ivereigh’s biography of Pope Francis, The Great Reformer.

OK, let me get this straight…


There was a group of liberal loons in red that were organized to resist the efforts of Pope Benedict XVI in order to promote their vision of a “much more modern” Church.

This group fashioned itself as a “St Gallen Mafia Club.”

St Gallen Mafia


Mafiosi (not that I am confirming that I have knowledge of any such group ever having existed) as I understand it, don’t ordinarily form bonds in order to share their hopes and dreams with one another.

Rather, they join forces with one another in order to extort, threaten, infiltrate and intimidate and whatever the hell else they have to do to get whatever it is that they want. Often, it is the person or persons that stand in their way who gets to decide if the process happens the easy way or the hard way.

So, this leads me to wonder what sort of offer these men made to Benedict the Abdicator that he couldn’t refuse?

Cardinal Danneels’ St Gallen Mafia revelation also leads me to wonder if… no, make that, it leads me to believe that it is far more likely than not that Jorge Bergoglio was among the caporegime of this so-called “St Gallen Mafia Club.”

I mean, does it make any sense at all that this club of miscreant cardinals, which included the “profound and serene” theologian Walter Kasper, would be labouring against the reigning pope in order to bring about a “much more modern” Church headed by a fellow-cardinal who was ignorant of their very existence?

If any response is given from the Damage Control Team at Holy See Central, this is what it will be.

And yet, only a fool can believe that Jorge Bergoglio was ignorant as to the existence of this “club,” and only a bigger fool can believe that he wasn’t a central figure in it; if not the capo di tutti capi himself.

Now that Danneels has violated the omertà and spilled the beans (which just goes to show you the kind of cloth he’s cut from), maybe those bishops who are cheering the revolutionaries on will begin kissing the pope’s ring.

St Gallen Mafia

Danneels was part of a coalition of left-leaning Church leaders known as the St Gallen Mafia — so named after their meeting place in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Although the cardinal’s exact cause of death is unknown to the public, a statement from the Belgian bishops mentions, “His physical health gradually deteriorated.”

Pope Francis expressed his condolences, saying in a message to Cdl. De Kesel, “I send my deepest condolences to you and to his family, the bishops of Belgium, the clergy, the consecrated persons and all the faithful affected by this mourning.

“This zealous pastor served the Church with dedication,” the Pope added.

Known as a liberal in the Church, Cdl. Danneels spoke favourably in 2013 of the legalization of gay marriage in Belgium, telling a Dutch newspaper, “I think it’s a positive development that states are free to open up civil marriage for gays if they want.”

Another member of the St Gallen Mafia, German Cdl. Karl Lehmann died in March of 2018 at the age of 81.

The St. Gallen Mafia was instrumental in getting Pope Francis elected in 2013. The semi-secretive group conspired for years to get a progressive-minded prelate elected to the papacy. Although the group disbanded in 2005 when it then failed to elect Argentina’s Cdl. Jorge Bergoglio to the papal see, it was resurrected in 2013 after the sudden abdication of Pope Benedict.

In August 2015, papal advisor Austen Ivereigh mentioned the St Gallen Mafia in his biography The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope. Ivereigh claimed the St Gallen Mafia was instrumental in Pope Francis’ election to the papacy by the College of Cardinals during the 2013 conclave.

Along with Cdl. Danneels and Cdl. Lehmann, members of the St Gallen Mafia include Dutch Bp. Adriaan van Luyn, Cdl. Walter Kasper from Germany, Cdl. Achille Silvestrini of Italy and now-deceased British Cdl. Cormac Murphy-O’Connor.

In September 2015, now-deceased Cdl. Danneels confirmed the existence of the cabal. He said in an interview on video, “‘The St Gallen Mafia Group’ is a sort of posh name. But in reality, we said of ourselves, and of that group, ‘The Mafia.'”

It appears the St. Gallen Group formed in the late 1990s to counter Pope St. John Paul II and then-Cdl. Joseph Ratzinger. At the time, Cdl. Ratzinger was known as one of the closest aides to the Holy Father. The St. Gallen Mafia was an informal group for high-ranking Catholic clergy with radical views who were afraid that then-Cdl. Ratzinger would become the next pope.

The secretive coalition supposedly threw its weight behind then-Cdl. Jorge Bergoglio in the 2005 conclave. They unsuccessfully opposed the election of Cdl. Ratzinger, who became Pope Benedict XVI. The St. Gallen Mafia backed Cdl. Bergoglio again at the 2013 conclave after Pope Benedict XVI resigned. Their 2013 campaign was successful and then-Cdl. Bergoglio became Pope Francis.

This type of organized campaigning for papal election during a conclave is technically forbidden. In chapter six of the 1996 apostolic constitution Universi Dominici Gregis, Pope St. John Paul II issued a series of condemnations against various forms of politicking among the cardinal-electors at conclaves.

The Supreme Pontiff warned, “The Cardinal electors shall further abstain from any form of pact, agreement, promise or other commitment of any kind which could oblige them to give or deny their vote to a person or persons.”

Such behaviour, according to the document, merits a latae sententiae excommunication.

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