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The FDA is a Criminal Regime, Protects The Profits of Big Pharma

FDA accepted drugs kill over 200,000 Americans a year, yet the FDA has concentrated a lot of its recent initiative on criminalizing anybody that offers treatments, solutions or cures related to COVID-19 or the coronavirus pandemic. Similarly, abortions kill countless humans each year, yet the abortion industry gets federal financing to support its operations.

The FDA is a criminal regime that protects the profits of Big Pharma, a murderous drug cartel


Chlorine dioxide, which eliminates pathogens utilizing oxygen as well as is acknowledged by the EPA as a water treatment solution, is claimed by many people to kill the coronavirus as well as soothe signs and symptoms of COVID-19 which include hypoxia (absence of oxygen). Chlorine dioxide floods the blood with functional oxygen, as well as according to its advocates, it can conserve many lives throughout the pandemic while making vaccines and also high priced drugs obsolete.

The science, as well as medical establishment, has gone out of its way to eliminate any treatments that don’t enrich the Big Pharma pharmaceutical cartels. The Lancet scientific research journal, for instance, was recently subjected to publishing completely fabricated science that looked for to ruin the reputation of hydroxychloroquine.

After numerous scientists revealed the totally fraudulent information on which the study was based, The Lancet was reluctantly forced to retract the fraudulent scientific research paper, which when originally published had managed to achieve the cancellation of hydroxychloroquine medical trials around the world (objective achieved by the criminal Huge Pharma medicine cartel).

The FDA is a criminal front group that functions to protect the profit interests of Big Pharma. This criminal department normally uses U.S. Marshals to abduct Americans who are staying in foreign countries, completely outside any due process, and also compel them back right into the United States where they deal with rigged trials. A number of years ago, the FDA did the specific same thing to Greg Caton that was kidnapped in Ecuador, positioned onto an industrial trip in Guayaquil, and flown to the United States where he was founded guilty of federal crimes for merely producing topical anti-cancer herbal salves using Amazonian rainforest herbs.

Now, the FDA is proactively plotting to mass murder countless humans with COVID-19 by eliminating all reliable therapies, including tugging the approval of hydroxychloroquine and pressing pharmacies across America to stop loading prescriptions for the drug, which is an off-patent malaria medicine that has actually been suggested to numerous people for several decades, with virtually no problems. Even worse, the FDA appears to be behind the new effort to require retailers to pull ivermectin from shop racks after information emerged that ivermectin– a common agricultural anti-parasite medication– revealed appealing cause COVID-19 treatments.

In addition to actively working to get rid of hydroxychloroquine as well as ivermectin, the criminal FDA, as well as FTC, are striking naturopathic physicians that advertise vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, quercetin as well as various other nutritional supplements. Dr David Brownstein is one current sufferer of the consolidated FDA/ FTC initiatives to criminalize speech about COVID-19 treatments. The FDA and also FTC are additionally pursuing colloidal silver and also chlorine dioxide, and in April of this year, the company sent a flurry of threatening letters to various marketers of colloidal silver items, pushing them to stop selling those items altogether. InfoWars’ Alex Jones was just one of the people that got such a letter, and consequently, he pulled colloidal silver products from his InfoWars Store.

“The clinical facility, the FDA and also the mainstream media are killers,” a high-level source informed me lately, in commenting concerning the FDA’s reign of terror throughout America to erase all therapies that really work. It’s all a criminal story to safeguard the upcoming injection revenues for Big Pharma by ensuring as lots of people stay sick and also unhealthy until the vaccine is offered.

If anyone must be detained in America today, it’s the lawbreakers that run the FDA and the harmful vaccination titans. They are the killers who are killing Americans en masse by damaging access to nutrients, all-natural therapies as well as even online information that shows individuals just how to avoid ending up being an additional target of a lethal pandemic.

Remain tuned as we bring you extra updates regarding the FDA’s war on alternative medicine and also its criminalization of churches that promote recovery. There’s a lot more yet to find on this tale.







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