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The Moses Code Movie – Connect with GOD

I had another vision from God, this time I found the Moses Code Movie and Book, from this I made a guided I AM meditation to connect with GOD.

If you somehow were to have a discussion with God perhaps one on one, up close and individual what would he say to you?

And if you were largely oblivious of what the Bible says and what it truly indicates, how could you figure out whether he was telling you a pack of lies?

If you were listening to someone who claimed to be divinely influenced, how would you know if it was true?

How would you acknowledge its ultimate source?

The Moses Code Movie & Book – The Most powerful Tool in history?

I had another lucid dream again in meditation while working on something to go with this idea that we can connect with God whenever we like. In the meditation, I was asking for advice on the way I should make the meditation that God asked me to make.

I saw a vision in my lucid dream that said The Moses Code!

Next, I came back from the quantum realms in meditation and started looking for the message that the Lord had given me. I found The Moses Code Movie and book of which I did the meditation from that I will give to you today and also the film that is now on the YouTube page for our site. On Friday, we launched our first podcast The UGLY Truth if you missed it click the link after today post.

On the main page of the newest New Age bestseller The Moses Code Movie & Book, which came from author and movie producer James Twyman who promises to give you a secret for “the Most Powerful Manifestation Tool in the History of the World.”

The Moses Code Movie and Book obtains greatly from the concepts presented in the 2006 books The Secret and The Law of Destination (see “Do You Know the Real Secret?” The Good News, May-June 2007). It declares that a powerful secret code that would fix all of our issues that has been long hidden in lies until now.

So what’s the big secret about, and why didn’t Moses inform us?

The big trick is “an ancient technique that has existed in the world for more than 3,500 years,” Twyman composes, “but was hidden away long ago since authorities decided it was too powerful to be arbitrarily wielded” (p. 1).

He says that although ancient authorities didn’t want the Moses Code in the Bible, you require powers from it and they fear the power it will give you.

Twyman offers a brand-new, innovative meaning to the Exodus in relating the information of his Moses Code. It was not Almighty God, with independent supernatural power outside the Israelites’ control, who released them from the slavery and genocide of Egypt, he states rather, by practising the code they released themselves.

So effective a tool was this code that it had to be concealed. “When the Moses Code was first revealed to the Israelites, some of the greatest wonders in history were carried out. Shortly later on, influential leaders decreed that the inherent energy was merely too large and potentially unsafe to be utilized by anybody other than the greatest initiates” (p. 2).

Simply put, the leaders responsible for the Bible decreed that the Moses Code not be included in it.

Later on, the story goes, other “spiritual masters who progressed to the point where they did not just understand the Moses Code” however practised it had “extraordinary outcomes.” Chief among them, Twyman states, was Jesus of Nazareth (p. 2). The code, though allegedly practised by Jesus, is not discovered in the New Testament works either, so excellently hidden, it was asserted, there was the requirement to keep it hidden until now!

The Moses Code Movie – Is There Counterfeit truths?

Because this secret Moses Code is not laid out in the Bible and you can’t perceive it through using your mind in reading the Bible, how does Twyman say you can truly understand his secret is reality?

” The key is to follow your heart, not your mind. Your heart is always a much better barometer of what Heaven is selecting to contribute to your life” (p. 159). He is telling you to just think him by following “your heart, not your mind.”.

This is a big problem! Is that how we are expected to reach spiritual reality?

Belief in what your heart tells you and that it has been an unlimited source of misery and self-delusion, deception and counterfeits being the standard for the human heart.

Notice God’s summary of the human heart in Jeremiah 17:9: “The heart is more deceiving than all else and is desperately ill” (New American Requirement Bible). Deceit implies hiding, denying and rejecting the fact. God added that we people are not even the ultimate judges of the heart. “Who can know it? I, the Lord, browse the heart, I check the mind, even to provide to each man according to his ways, according to the results of his deeds” (verses 9-10, NASB).

So listening to a guy offering the claim that the Moses Code is true through an appeal to your heart and not your mind, suggesting sensations and emotions without reason, is like hearing a used-car salesman’s pitch without analyzing or even considering how well the engine runs under the hood. Instead of using your intelligence and mind to prove the value of the product, you exist a persuading and soothing psychological state and about how terrific the automobile will be when you sit in it and feel its power.

Mere psychological assertions of fact will never ever lead you to what is actually real, whether it be in material science or pursuit of spiritual understanding. Simply remember this: Fortunately they will never ever inform you God anticipates you to suspend your vital thinking abilities to receive the knowledge of God through your heart.


Because the Bible never informs people to quit the power of sound reasoning to establish a relationship with God. In fact, conversion to the truth of God, while certainly consisting of an emotional element, is a psychological activity, a founding guilty recognition of realities and reality viewed by the mind. “Come now,” God advises, “and let us factor together” (Isaiah 1:18).

Similarly, the apostle Paul informed people to “check all things” they are taught to show whether these things are truthful (1 Thessalonians 5:21). Seeking the fact never indicates you leave your brain at the door.

Secret “Moses Code”— is The Moses Code Movie truth or lie?

The Moses Code, states New Age author Twyman, it is the secret for you to end up being the developer of your universe and to exercise your divinity. “You have all the qualities of God,” Twyman composes. “You will explore a code that’s been locked inside your soul; and in doing so, you’ll discover that you’re the child of the Divine, having the very same power to develop as God” (p. 20).

This is not what the Bible states.

Twyman goes on to provide what you should do to exercise the power of the code in your life: You must require to yourself the name God used for Himself at the burning bush.

When Moses was in the desert before returning to Egypt, God talked with him from the burning bush. Here is allegedly where Moses learned the secret law of destination to make every advantage take place that followed. As specified in the Bible, God exposed His name here as “I AM THAT I AM.” Twyman says that this happened, but that the understanding of what Moses finished with the name was lost.

He contends that Moses was to, and did, use this divine classification to himself.

Twyman concludes: “By utilizing the name of God, Moses has the ability to turn his strolling stick into a serpent, change the Nile into a river of blood, create plagues of frogs, lice, flies, locusts, and other awful things, eliminate the firstborn of every Egyptian, part the Red Sea and ruin the pursuing Egyptian army” (p. 22).

Naturally, this is not what the Bible says either. God used His supernatural powers to ravage Egypt. Moses could not do anything of himself, no matter what words he duplicated to himself.

However, that was then. What Twyman states he wants is for you to use this newly improved and just recently discovered technique now.

For you to recognize you are the God of the universe, he states, you require to begin practising his just recently produced yoga workouts of slow, deep breathing while staring at a paper and repeating the words on the paper, “I AM THAT I AM,” applying them to yourself. That, he claims, will bring to you the energy of deep space so you can work out magnificent power as the developer of the universe.

And if you believe that, I believe you can plan an early retirement from the real world.

Of course, there was no such instruction for Moses to apply God’s holy name to himself or for anybody else to do so. Nor did he practice yoga breathing, as promoted in The Moses Code, to part the Red Sea so the Israelites might walk through while the Egyptian chariots and army were destroyed.

Calling yourself God is prohibited in the Bible, both then and now. It’s an act of blasphemy, which was punishable under the law God provided to Moses by immediate death.

Can the devil speak today?

The Bible begins with the very first 5 books, known as the Law, composed by Moses. At the very beginning, it describes the initial lie that Satan the devil, as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, sold Eve. This lie had the exact same claims and assertions of Twyman’s Moses Code, a lie that, if believed, would kill you as it did Adam and Eve.

Here is essentially what the devil stated: You can get whatever you desire in life, consisting of eternal life, by merely willing it and doing what you desire, due to the fact that you are already as God. In the garden and through the devil’s representatives today, the message remains the exact same: There is no requirement to acknowledge God as your Creator and Jesus Christ as your Savior.

New Age people don’t need to think the “nonsense” of the Bible as written– or so they believe. They don’t require a saviour because, to them, their only problems come from not believing they are already divine.

Individuals require the discovery of the facts. That’s why the Bible defines reality in the mentors of Jesus Christ, and the law of Moses prior to Him (John 1:17).

You require to understand that the devil still promotes the exact same lie that he has since the start, product packaging it in numerous types throughout human culture. It’s appealing; and in our age of lack of knowledge of the Word of God, it’s easy to understand why many buy into this not-so-new age believing that contradicts what Moses in fact believed and what the Bible truly teaches.

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