Tony Robbins The Edge – 1 Honest Review

My Honest review of Tony Robbins The Edge book and audio book.

If you are a daily reader of the blog you will see that it has changed, this is due to the next phase of the business is being implemented into the site. Today though I want to talk about a audio book I found that I think will help any business owner or one that wants to become a business will love.

Tony Robbins needs no introduction, if you have been online for the last 3 decades you would of heard of him. Tony has changed lives of millions of people over 3 decades including lots of Hollywood stars, world-wide renowned athletes, Presidents of different countries.

Tony Robbins went from a most humble starter in life to earning millions of dollars due to his life long passion to help people achieve their full potentials.

Tony Robbins The Edge

Recently I was listening to one to Tony Robbins The Edge & wanted share some tips I learned from it.

Tony Robbins The Edge Tip 1

Life – Life is about constant growth. If you don’t grow you will die. Life has so much to offer us whether we realize it or not. Find the Edge inside of you, your skills, your passions, your talents. Life can become a full time job if you start doing the same things over and over again, instead of activating and using all the creative juices we have born with to use.

Tony Robbins The Edge Tip 2

Challenges – These are everyday things no matter who you are. A person’s hurdles in life are the same no matter where they live. Interestingly, the solutions are all the same. When you are faced with a issue, you need to spend 95% of the time on solution. Issues or problems will never go away, just that some of us have better quality of problems.

Tony Robbins The Edge Tip 3

Focus – Consistent focus and consistent action CAN change your situation. What you focus on you tends to get more of. So, focus on improving your situation it will improve if you work on it. We are stressed because we tend to focus on things that don’t really matter.

Most of us, don’t really take time to figure out what matters to us most to improve our lives, relationships and business.

Tony Robbins The Edge Tip 4

Success– It is not the person’s background that makes them more powerful, it is their entire MINDSET and Psychology. They do have a system they follow of consistently taking action and keeping focus.

Only thing that stop us of having what we want is the “STORY” we have why we can’t have it. We all come up with stories for one thing or the other, but we need to question ourselves, & change our mindset. The best part is you have the absolute control over what is going inside you.

Tony Robbins The Edge Tip 5

Time – Most talked about resource on the planet. Take some of it & give it to you. Take time for yourself.

Tony Robbins The Edge Tip 6

Gratitude – Always be grateful for what you have and what you are going to have coming. If you are not grateful you are fearful. When you are grateful, you can keep the fear aside.

Tony Robbins The Edge Tip 7

Vision – Do you have a vision for your life, your family and your business? Without a vision people perish.

Finally, these were the most valuable tips I got from listening to the entire of this program.

Now, I want you to think about your life.

Do you want to have an “OK” life or “EXTRAORDINARY” life?

You have the power to decide what kind of life you want in 5, 10, 20 or more years from now.

You don’t want to settle for a mundane life, do you?

Do you worry too much?

Take action, design your life and don’t let anyone design it for you. Make sure you listen to the audio version of Tony Robbins The Edge here on my YouTube Channel. 

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