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Did you Forget Trump Saying Pedophiles Will Get Death Sentance?

Trump said back in 2017 before this crazy year even kicking off, that anyone convicted of being a paedophile will get the death sentence, yet so many people still question if these people HE HAS CAUGHT! are not dead and I can’t state enough even though I’ve proved it, I now know until it comes out next year you will not see if you do not question it YOURSELF!

Did you Forget Trump Saying Pedophiles Will Get Death Sentance?


Before Trump even took office he was talking about this topic:


People say he did but if he did why would Trump say this?

He sure is ratting himself out, isn’t he?

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year. That is more than 2,000 children abducted every single day.

Donald Trump has vowed to tackle the child abduction crisis in the United States by giving paedophiles a fast trial resulting in the death penalty. In October of 2012, Donald Trump tweeted that there are “too many incidents” and something “must be done about these perverts.”

With the Pizzagate scandal going on right now and Elite paedophilia running rampant, could this be what Trump was referring to when he talked about “draining the swamp”, and how far up the social ladder will he be prepared to go when it comes to swiftly execute these offenders?

One every 40 seconds in the USA ALONE!

However, it seems that those days are coming to an end. Recently, hundreds of people have been arrested in nationwide “pizzagate” raids. A huge nationwide sting has seen over 500 people connected to child sex offences arrested in the first of many raids. These arrests follow a massive sting operation involving 23 law enforcement agencies in 14 states taking part in the National Johns Suppression initiative.

The program started in 2017 and culminated on Super Bowl Sunday. In Houston, where the Super Bowl was hosted, 183 sex offenders, including two firefighters, a retired police officer, and a Houston city employee were among those arrested. Today human trafficking involving child rape is one of the most pressing concerns in America, according to a recent FBI report.

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